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Castle of the Dead (Tunnels & Trolls)

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A Solo Adventure for Tunnels & Trolls, open to player-characters up to 6th-level of experience with no more than 160 personal adds. Any character type may enter the Castle of the Dead, but the use of magic is limited and warriors are best suited to this adventure. Castle of the Dead represents a strong challenge, and you must be aware before entering that it is a very tough solo scenario, but it is balanced with great rewards for those who emerge alive.

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**( )( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Castle of the Dead / Castle Death

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Castle of the Dead (dawn of the dead) is a reprint of the much older Tunnels & Trolls Mega-Solo called Castle Death. I have heard Fiery Dragon changed the name of the solo so they could take it away from the original publisher to publish it again. That feels a little dirty if you ask me. The author had sold the solo to the other publisher years ago, and this was a way to sell it again without buying it back.

To compare the two different versions, look here: ( Having already seen the advanced copy from Fiery Dragon I can't say they did much to improve upon the material. Yes... the artwork looks nice, but why buy it again just for the artwork? The original cover is a must see and a classic. The artwork in the older version was just as good. Flipping back and forth through both books I found added errors in the new version that is not found in the older version, not to mention some of the fantastic Horror material has been deleted.

Why hack it apart and not just add to it if you are going to reprint it? If you already own it, don't buy it, if you don't own it, consider buying the original first and you won't be disappointed. Is it better? No. Is it still good? Yes. Gift Certificates
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