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Legends of Kitholan—Volume 1: Tales of the Long Forgotten Digital Album

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Epic quests, ancient mysteries, legendary battles... these are the threads from which Dronolan's Tower has woven this tapestry of rousing themes and scenic interludes.

Featuring over 60 minutes of epic fantasy music to enhance your gaming experience. Recorded with professional Hollywood studio musicians, Legends of Kitholan rivals your favorite blockbuster soundtrack.

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Product Reviews (2)

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Surprisingly good


It's always taking a chance when you order something musical from an online store, but in this case the risk paid off. The audio tracks have an obviously high production value, and the use of the full orchestra pays off. The tracks are easy to use to get the party "in the mood" for an adventure, and their variance makes the CD useful in many locations. I'd recommend this CD to any GMs who use music as a part of their tale-telling.

The best gaming soundtrack out there!


I was blown away by this CD and it made me wonder a) why I had never heard of this composer before, and b) how much did it cost him to produce this??? I use it to "get in the mood" when I'm writing scenarios, and as background music during sessions. My players felt the music really enhanced the mood at the table (if I had more time, I would sync particular passages with in-game scenes). There are epic pieces, quiet/romantic pieces, exotic pieces (that would be fitting themes when meeting characters of a race that is alien to the PCs for the first time), etc. I think the soundtrack is on par with the works of Shore, Horner, etc... but you needn't worry about your players humming along or goofing off to some well-known movie theme. High quality, and highly recommended! Gift Certificates
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