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15 Specific Weapons, Volume IV (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Magical weapons are a necessity of most roleplaying games, yet the core rulebook presents so few of them. Magical weapons are loved by players and game masters alike, yet there is almost none to choose from. There is nothing like a memorable magical weapon to help define a character throughout a campaign, just think about your favorite fictional heroes of fantasy and the weapons that they carry!

It is certainly possible to purchase a magical warhammer such as the dwarven thrower or a magical longsword like the nine lives stealer, but most weapons are not represented at all. For example, where are the magical falchions, flails, kukris, morningstars, spears, hand crossbows and whips? Sure, a creative player can take a look at the special abilities and come up with a concept of his own, but it will be a very limited concept, limited to the twenty-nine special abilities of the core rulebook. The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Player's Guide makes this selection slightly bigger, yet, most weapons are still not represented among the specific magical weapons selection.

This series of short PDFs hopes to bring new weapons and concepts to your game!

These are the 15 specific weapons from Volume IV; Assassin's Mercy (kama), Backwatching Boar Spear (boar spear), Blade of Glories Past (intelligent falcata), Boulder Thrower (sling), Earthsplitter (gnome hooked hammer), Earthwrack (warhammer), Eldritch Piercer (repeating light crossbow), Impact Storm (lucerne hammer), Nature's Vengeance (quarterstaff), Pit Bola (bola), Rainbow Boomerang (boomerang), Seeker (elven curve blade), Spinning Peace (nunchaku), Storm Hammer (meteor hammer), Spiderwhip (whip), Talon of Shadow Rending (flying talon)

... Yes, there are 16 weapons and not 15 as announced! In this PDF, you'll also find the crack special ability and the stats for all the weapons!

Written by Ken Burnside, K. Axel Carlsson, Mark Gedak, Christian Gunter, Will McCardell and Jonathan Palmer. Art by Megan Merz.

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Now available! Enjoy.

Reviewed here and at RPGNow

With any luck I'll have something for NerdTrek put together later today, and the review will be up there as well soon.

Thanks KTF! I am glad that you liked this small selection of magic weapons. And honestly, it is pure accident that this one ended up with 16 weapons and not 15... we'll see about the next one! :)

You should also expect to see an armor edition at some point.

- Axel

I was wondering if you were planning on branching this out beyond weaponry at some point, will keep my eyes open for the volume on armor

And reviewed here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine. I have to say: Kudos,, Axel! The overall quality of HHG-publications has been rising consistently and all of your recent releases can be considered to belong to the upper range of products!

The recipe for success is easy, End... I just have to find the right people for the job and keep my own contributions to a minimum! Oh, and then I can focus on what I do best... layout and art direction :)

It's always a lovely feeling to have your items be mentioned as awesome :D

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