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Treasure Maps: Island of Sorrows II (Download)

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A Raging Swan TREASURE MAP by Tom Fayan

Island of Sorrows II shows the dreaded Island of Sorrows itself!

Perfect for GMs and publishers alike who need a cool handout, Raging Swan’s TREASURE MAPS put the adventure literally in the player’s hands. Each map comes in multiple formats—you can see all the included images for each map at—and are usable under Raging Swan’s very flexible licensing terms.

TREASURE MAPS are a great, inexpensive addition to any product or game session and are compatible with any fantasy roleplaying gaming system.

Each graphic is supplied as a high resolution jpeg.

Commercial Terms & Conditions
The illustrations contained in Raging Swan’s Publisher’s Reosurces may be used in commercial products under the following terms and conditions:

  • The image can appear in print, electronic or web-based products except that it may not be sold as part of a stock art or clip art product.
  • The image can appear in print, electronic or web-based advertisements for the product in which it features.
  • The licensee may crop, colour, rotate, enlarge, reduce or otherwise alter the image as he sees fit.
  • The artist’s signature must appear in the final version of the image. The signature may be moved to make the image more manageable but must appear in the final image.
  • The artist’s name (Tom Fayan) must appear in the product’s credits.

Personal Use
The images may be used without restriction for personal use

Product Availability

Fulfilled immediately. Will be added to your My Downloads Page immediately upon purchase of Download.

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***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Ok handout with some interesting locales to spark the imagination

***( )( )

This pdf consists of 4 files, 3 high-res jpegs and a rather flexible T&C-textfile.

As with "Island of Sorrow I", this file provides 3 different iterations of the same map with minor modifications. 2 of the jpegs are b/w and 1 has a parchment-style background. The first map is b/w and features no framing scroll, the second one comes as b/w with a framing scroll. The latter map also comes in a version with a parchment-style background.

In contrast to the first "Island of Sorrows"-map, we get a map of the island, but not the surrounding waters/coast-line. The waters surrounding the island feature a sea serpent. The maps feature what seem to be woods, a stranded vessel, a chasm, several caves, what could be a rune-studded monolith, crossed sabers denoting a battle-field, a an intact tower and what seems to be the remnants of a ruined keep.

The maps are once again well-drawn and work well for what they initially were intended to be - as ready-to-use handouts, they do work. However, we don't get any option to customize the maps via layers and no version of the scroll-less map in parchment-style is provided for. I fully admit to being spoiled by e.g. the Fantastic Maps-line and at $4.00 it is not exactly cheap. However, this map comes with much more details than "Island of Sorrows I" and provides a plethora of locations you as a DM could flesh out/plug adventures in. Since the level of details provided is much higher, I'll settle for a final verdict of 3 stars - an ok handout if you need one.

Endzeitgeist out.

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