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The Genius Guide to Loot 4 Less: Volume 10—Fezzes are Cool! (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 3 ratings)

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Welcome to the tenth book in the Loot 4 Less line, in which we deal exclusively with items that have a cost to consumer of 2,500 gp or less. And to increase the level of difficulty in terms of providing you with low-cost items, we also don’t deal in one-shot (or even two- or three-shot) magic items.

Here in Volume X: Fezzes Are Cool, we’re looking at a narrow range of wondrous items that you wear on your head, including crowns, hats, helmets, masks, caps, and turbans.

Many of these items are useful for spellcasters (in keeping with the origin of such items in myth and legend), but at least a few in each group can be useful to any character. Everything in these pages has no charges and can be used in adventure after adventure. Additionally, these items are all of real use. No spot-on-the-wall spells stored in a wand with a switch. We deal only in things that are of at least some practical use. No one is going to kill a teammate to make sure they get the fez of escape from the loot pile, but is that such a bad thing? These items can flesh out the equipment lists of low‐level characters, can be found in treasure troves of mid-range monsters, or can be passed out as party favors at the celebrations of 20th-level wizards.

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***** (based on 3 ratings)

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It's true -- Fezzes are cool


It's a collection of magical hats and headgear, and it's really quite good. Several of these items made me think "aha -- I'd like to try that in my campaign". And what more, really, do you want from a book of magic items?

One nice touch: the "Behind the Counter" text boxes that explain how they designed and priced some of the items. Nice to see the reasoning laid out. I'd give this five stars anyway, but this is a pleasant bonus.

If you're looking for more magic items, you can't do much better than these collections.

Doug M.

Fezzes are cool now!


The tenth installment of SGG'S "Loot 4 Less"-series is 13 pages long, 2/3 of a page front cover, 1 page editorial/SRD, leaving 11 1/3 pages of content so let's check these out!

As with all of the pdfs in the Loot 4 Less-line, the tenth installment focuses on affordable magic items and this time, anything that can be worn on one's head is fair game - from helmets to masks and more exotic options to cover one's potential bald spots are provided.

The pdf kicks off with two alternate rules to enable characters with Craft (Armorer) and Knowledge (nature)/Survival and the Craft wondrous items feat to craft helmets and masks, respectively, which is nice.
The first item we get is "Bascinet of Turned Blows", which is an adequate rules-representation of one of the iconic jinxs happening to many a low-level character in fiction - this helmet grants you protection, but if the helm deflects a blow, the attack rings of the wearer's head and thus the person incurs a -4 penalty to sound-based perception-checks. Cool and makes for some nice roleplaying.

While we're at iconic: Domino Mask is a kind of minor hat of disguise that enables you to take one specific disguise specified when you first don the mask - great for super-hero style secret identities and assassins with a small budget.

The Fez of Escape is actually an elaborate bluff: Once you fall unconscious, paralyzed etc., the wearer turns invisible! Of course, the fez proudly displays it's capabilities of being a "Fez of Escape" in several languages to fool attackers...hopefully!
While we're at fezzes - the fez of storing is another item that makes for hilarious hi-jinxs - With a sleight of hand, you can put and retrieve items from the hat and pull them out of "thin air".

Rules-wise, there are also some rather exciting things that haven't been done before herein, take for example the Grotesque: After doing a dance, you temporarily count as a magical beast or a monstrous humanoid for spell and effect purposes - great idea that opens up a bunch of neat strategies.

While we're at it: The hat of many uses can be made a chakram (007 watching you...), buckets etc. by punching holes in the hat that stitch themselves back together - GOLD.

There's also the Tarboosh of subjective gravity that helps planar adventurers and no exploration of e.g. the realms of dream should be without one.

The Turban spike of Jade enables you to wrap up to 3 cloaks around it, wear them on your hat-slot and switch between using them. Awesome!

Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice any glitches. Layout adheres to SGG's 3-column standard and the pdf has no bookmarks. Well. What can I say. The only negative response I had to reading this innovative, cool and concisely-written installment of the series is that I would have loved a whole installment devoted to Fezzes, Tarbooshs, Masks and TURBAN SPIKES each! Don't get me wrong, not all of the items herein made me smile or yell "Hell yeah!", but A LOT of them did - I absolutely enjoyed more than half of the items herein, which is practically unheard of for cynical, jaded moi. This pdf officially now constitutes my favorite installment of the Loot 4 Less-line and thus my final verdict will be 5 stars + Endzeitgeist seal of approval! Great job!

Endzeitgeist out.

Ahhh, Fezzes


Ah, the Loot 4 Less series...if you are not familiar with this particular series as of yet, the basis is simply this; Cheap magic items for lower level players that will outlive the common shelf life. With Pathfinders concept of character level going hand in hand with their worth in gp as well, the concept of what to pass out magically becomes somewhat of a challenge, since no GM wants to bombard a playgroup with single use toys, but at the same time doesn't want to open the keys to the gun vault for toddlers either. That's where the Loot 4 Less series attempts to find the middle ground. By providing good, useful magical items that have a value high enough to make them worth reselling later in a character's career, while remaining useful until they get to a point where selling it for higher level toys is an option.

Weighing in at 13 pages the breakdown is as follows:
Cover and intro 2 1/3 pages
OGL/PID 1 page
New headgear 9 2/3 pages

The latest addition to the series deals with items taking up the head slot in regards to wearing magic items. The layout follows the three column format, with embedded illustration (B&W except for the cover, stock and original interspersed). Very few grammatical errors, none so distracting as to deserve to be mentioned.

Before we even get to the new Magical Items, we are presented with two optional rules for Item creation, to allow those without Craft Wondrous Item the means to make their own hats and masks. Rules make sense, and seem balanced enough, but I doubt I would green flag it for my own campaign, I like the idea that if a player wants to make certain things, they have to spend the skill points to be able to do so, not a fan of the side door concept if you will.

Bascinet of Turned Blows Ac bonus against AoO, with a very real-world side effect, well designed.
Buccal of Ferocity You know those half skulls bandanas Bike riders wear? Ever wonder how much it would freak you out if that skull mouth suddenly grinned or snarled at ya?
Bullhorn Helm Allows for opportunity for additional damage during a bull rush maneuver.
Capuchon of Astrology Quite literally the pointy wizard's hat...stars and all. Has an interesting twist to the fantasy art standard that makes this concept fresh and new though, and also serves up a divination bonus in the form of an AC bonus.
Crown of Forceful Strikes X amount of times per day turn a weapon attack into a force attack, leaving the damage as the weapon's.
Domino Mask The classic eye mask (upper face, half mask), operates as a disguise self within parameters. Really liked this item, as it was presented in the intro with a few options for use including being in the possession of a paladin operating within a corrupt society, henceforth he's operating at night...ala Batman style.
Ethereal Gauze Woven of the silk of phase spiders, a means to see that which hides within the ethereal plane.
Fez of Escape A totally hilarious item. Every campaign world needs this item, lol.
Fez of Storing A brilliant re-imagining of the classic bag of holding concept.
Funery Mask A limited means of incorporating Gentle Repose for far cheaper than usual.
Greenleaf Cap A cap of leaves, this hat allows one to easily see through surrounding vegetation.
Grotesque Imitating the head of an exaggerated bear, or possibly monstrous humanoid, the Grotesque allows one to change their type in regards to how magical abilities will affect them.
Hannya of Hard Won Wisdom an interesting concept, the more it's wearer fails a save against a specific effect, the greater the save bonus the mask grants for the next time.
Hat of Many Uses Literally pull, poke, stretch and shape this handy little hat into a multitude of useful items.
Helm of the Iron Boar Allows druids to get around that pesky no metal rule, as well as tweaking the charge action.
Helmet of Shadowed Gaze Go toe to toe and eye to eye with any medusa, basilisk or gorgon...not only a really cool visual concept for this item, but protection from gaze attacks as well, very nice.
Seer's Diadem A jeweled crown that allows for extra sensory “sight” from the many gems, giving you bonuses in various circumstances.
Snood of Obfuscation Wearer can baffle and confuse through speech X amount of times per day.
Summoner's Hat “Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!”
Tarboosh of Subjective Gravity An interesting piece of headgear for those traveling into planes with differing gravities, the tarboosh allows you to control your rate of descent, as well allowing bonuses in attempting to set a new direction of gravity in said planes.
Totem Masks Powerful tools with various results, we are presented with three variations:
Ancestors: temporarily change one revelation
Dread: Augmentation of auditory and visual displays for illusions
Lion: Enhances the bonuses of allies with further bonuses
Turban Spike of Jade Allows one to utilize multiple magical cloaks, without using up the shoulder slot, very nice concept.

As I read through this collection, one of the things I found to be very interesting were the “behind the counter” boxes scattered throughout, which discuss the reasoning behind the pricing decisions for various items. It's interesting to see the curtain get pulled back from time to time, and see how creative minds arrive at some decisions over others.

OK, final thoughts...very cool collection of headgear, there was only a few I personally couldn't come up with a usage for within my campaign world, and the Fezzes really are cool, lol. So, giving this one a solid 5 right out the door folks. Loot 4 Less is back, and still very very viable. Gift Certificates
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