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1001 Spells (PFRPG)

***** (based on 8 ratings)
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Never Cast the Same Spell Twice!

1001 Spells gives you—yes, you guessed it—1001 spells, that will help you realize the vision you've had for your spellcaster.

From spells that are cast as move, swift and immediate actions to maw of the purple worm which lets you swallow your opponents whole, or just have your dragon tattoo bite him instead. 1001 Spells brings you at least a hundred spells for each level of casting, from cantrips to orisons all the way up to the world changing spells of 9th level, making your character's spellbook truly unique.

Wholly compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, It also includes spell lists for the new classes that appear in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player's Guide and Ultimate Magic. 1001 Spells adds new agonizing choices to the creation of your character's spell list and their advancement without breaking the game.

Author: Steven D. Russell
Cover Image by Hugo Solis
Pages: 285

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Our Price: $39.99


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Product Reviews (8)
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Average product rating:

***** (based on 8 ratings)

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Its a fat book full of spells. How are you going to say no to that?

I have the rant that fat high quality hardcover books like this and Deep Magic can come out but barely anything dedicated to martials and their options come along and when they do its a small PDF or something but other than that it's a good book.

Being a caster can feel limiting when you have a theme or a mode of operating that you want to do but there just aren't any spells at the level you want. Magi are starved for touch spells that isn't Shocking Grasp to liven up your spellstrike class feature and I feel like I always have the same spell list as a cleric. So a bunch of new spells are great for realizing your schtick or expressing more of your class features or style, and this product delivers that in a lot of ways. You can also hide the book from your players so that you can supply them with spells in the form of old dusty tomes buried at the bottom of a dungeon, an eccentric hermit that discovered a new spell, or an ancient prayer sung by natives worshiping a similar god. With a list of diverse and fun spells the possibilities become endless.

As for the power level. Well nothing as bad as the Core Rulebook but there are a few that look like they can be dangerous if misread or used in wands. Nothing too far out but still there. They are few and far between taking a serious min-maxer to find but takes one or two bannings instead of chucking out the entire book. Other than that the book is pretty much perfect for what it is and I'd recommend it to anyone. Five stars.

Essential Spell Book


As you may have expected, this book is completed loaded with spells. And when you add hundreds of spells to your game, spellcasting gets a lot more interesting. You get a lot more customization and flavor with your characters.

Of course, you've got some slightly overpowered spells that plenty of people are going to want, but this is no different than core spells. Just make sure you run these spells by your GM.

As a bonus treat (which is slightly outdated with the Shaman), this book has full support for inquisitor, witch, summoner spells, and alchemist formulae books. As icing on the cake, this book has full Hero Lab support!

This book's format is simple and intuitive. Bookmarks are included (necessary for a book this massive).

The art isn't anything spectacular, but it definitely serves its role as a way to keep the book easy on the eyes.

Summary: 5 stars. If you want more spells, it's simple: Get this book! This title isn't kidding when it says it has over a thousand spells!

We have a spell for that...


1001 spells is the type of resource that both dms and players can really appreciate. It can add fun, grant new combat options (consuming line of acid), offensive spells (giant boulders), aid negotiation (zone of parley) or sabotages an enemy’s roll (utter failure). There is a lot of flavor here, and even if you don’t want to add all of them in, you will find some that are useful and others that you just have to let into your games (wildblast, when you want the element of a blast spell entirely randomized).

I question that some may be over-powered (a level 1 cleric spell that grants +2 bab to a target); but this is always inevitable in these types of books. I say this because the typical 3.5-pathfinder spell list, is a bit bland and some spells are better than others, so good new spells with effects we aren’t familiar with may seem too powerful. The standard spell list, after a few years of gaming is old, regurgitated and boring. Add over a thousand spells, and magic gets interesting. Because of these new spells, they may not always be the right level or may be more powerful than a group or dm is used to. So when introducing these spells, I recommend a dm takes care and chooses which ones come in and adjusts spell level as need be. This doesn’t have to be done though, as it is well organised and there are sections for alchemists, witches and magi spells.

With all these spells there is certainly plenty to add as scrolls or in old wizard books in long sealed away dungeons. Or, to make available only to secret orders (until the players kill them and take their stuff). Some like wildblast are begging to be added to wands, and others could be attuned to amulets (wall of light), gloves (unarm foe, a disarm via blast spell), or even a musical instrument (stunning note). I was surprised there wasn’t a section discussing the spells or making suggestions on which ones would make excellent magic items, but it is the type of book to give you the tools and let you experiment.

If spellcasting is getting a bit repetitive with the same old spells used over and over, 1001 spells will liven up spellcasting in your games. You could also try to use this book to the fullest and throw out the standard spell list and only use what is in here. Ha! That will make the magic of a game original, that is for sure. Now I just have to work out which ones I am going to add in.

the ultimate spell book


I don't have time to wax episodic over the usefulness of this book for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Even if you only use 10% of the material within, that is still a hundred uses!

All I can really do is ask the question, why hasn't every Pathfinder gamer purchased this book yet?

...Other than the fact it is sold out. I am sure that will change. :-)

Congratulations Steve and the folks at Rite!

The spell-book to end spell-books


This pdf is 291 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page ToC, 2 pages of advertisement and 1 page SRD, leaving a whopping 285 pages of content!

The compilation starts off with very extensive lists of the spells - the vast array of excellent spells provided so far by the 101-series. I did reviews for all of them, so my individual scores were:

101 0-level spells: 5 stars
101 1st-level spells: 4 stars
101 2nd level spells: 4 stars
101 3rd level spells: 3.5 stars
101 4th level spells: 4 stars
101 5th level spells: 4.5 stars
101 6th level spells: 5 stars
101 7th level spells: 4.5 stars
101 8th level spells: 4.5 stars
101 9th level spells: 5 stars

Apart from the content from the individual files, we also get additional content: the APG and UM get full support with Alchemist formulae, Inquisitor spells, Summoner spells and Witch spells and yes, even Magus spell-lists, providing a great support for the new classes and making sure they also get their share of the pie.

Editing and formatting are excellent, I didn't notice any significant amount of hick-ups - quite a feat for a book of this length. Layout adheres to RiP's old, rune-covered b/w-2-column standard and the artworks are stock and mostly repeated from the series, although I actually did notice some pieces I couldn't recall encountering in the individual pdfs.

The pdf comes with extensive bookmarks, which is a necessity for a book of this length. Content-wise, the vast majority of these spells rocks and the added APG-support and UM-support as well as the hero-lab support provided make sure that this vast tome retains its usefulness.
However, that's also where a part of my criticism falls: While spell-lists for the new classes are included, the entries of the individual spells don't feature this information (i.e. they only read clr, sor/wiz etc.), which is a pity. While I realize that including this information in the spell-lists would have been a tremendous amount of work, I would have loved to see it nevertheless, as it would have felt like it integrated the support for the new books instead of adding it via appendices. The additional Hero-lab support, for everyone using the software, is awesome. By the way: If you have purchased all individual 10 101-spells pdfs, you can get this compilation for free by shooting an e-mail @ Rite Publishing - stellar support for the customers! So, how to rate this one? While the minor gripe I had is unfortunate, you still get more than 1000 spells for less than 20 bucks. Now if that is not an awesome bang-for-buck ratio, I don't know what is. Add to that the high individual scores the component pdfs garnered from me and I'll settle for a final verdict of 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5 - excellent, almost perfect compendium of spells at an unbeatable price for the vast amount of content provided.

Endzeitgeist out.

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