Pathfinder Battles: Champions of Evil Encounter Pack

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Assault your Pathfinder RPG heroes with this treacherous band of incarnate evil! The vengeful Evil Cleric and her Zombie minions join forces with the demonic Succubus and the dreaded Scarlet Gargoyle to terrorize their enemies!

This set of six exquisitely detailed prepainted plastic miniatures complements the Pathfinder Module Dawn of the Scarlet Sun (available in print for FREE as part of Free RPG Day 2012—June 16 at participating retailers—and also available as a free PDF or a $5 print edition on starting on June 18).

The six miniatures in this package feature all-new alternate paint schemes, and are a great way to build your Pathfinder Battles collection!

    Miniatures include:
  • Evil Cleric
  • Succubus
  • Scarlet Gargoyle
  • Zombie (x3)

All figures are on 1"-round bases and are fully compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and other fantasy RPGs.

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***** (based on 3 ratings)

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I bought two


GREAT set. Who doesn't need more zombies? Firm plastic, light build so you don't get repetitive strain by moving them around the mat, great details. The red gargoyles are great stand-ins for other infernal critters, while the succubi is the typical batwinged bikini babe standby. I got a half dozen of the red-tabard clerics in the base set, so a couple black repaints make for excellent standard human leftenants and such.

And seriously... when do you not need another 3 (six in two packs!) zombies? These minis are worth way more than ~$3 a piece.

Surprised and Very Pleased


Didn't expect to see these on the shelf at the game store yesterday and I picked them up right away. Opening the pack revealed paint jobs on the mini's that are all superior to the original sculpts. I am very happy with these and glad that they look so great.

Review on Each mini
1. Evil Cleric - Great detail and an awesome color choice. The paint job is amazing and I find I can use this mini for a lot of different PCs and NPCs. One of the things I like about this miniature is that it represents a female character and good miniatures of female characters are hard to find.
2. I love this succubus! The black wings are a good choice; having the alternate paint let's me do a lot of different things in my games and she came out great!
3. The Scarlet Gargoyle - This is the only mini I wasn't really happy with. the paint looks to me like I could have done it myself. If it wasn't for the zombies I would have given this product 4 stars.
4. Zombies! I was not happy with the zombie in the Heroes and Monster set. This zombie makes up for it with more detail and nice use of color! I love these zombies.

Overall I think this product is great. I am happy to see some alternate paint selections for my minis and would love to see more. (On the top of my list is a bigger troll, I would like to see wizkids make a bigger troll. Tiny Troll is sad, make tiny troll happy.)



I got one of these Packs 4 days ago here in Germany.
The 6 Models are well painted and the quality is really good for prepainted miniatures.

I bought it for only 11 €, that was really a no brainer ;)