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The Complete Godling (PFRPG) PDF Bundle

***** (based on 1 rating)

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Get all three of Super Genius Games' Godling PDFs in one package: This product contains three separate PDFs for download.

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 1 rating)

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Well since I got all three I thought I'd talk about The Complete Godling than write about each product individually.

So this product basically introduces one class that's really four classes. There's a buff full BAB one, a 3/4 BAB one, one with 6 levels of casting and one with 9 levels of casting and 1/2 BAB. Respectively the chassis of a Tank, Trickster, low caster and high caster, each of them representing the concept of being a half-god. Now this kind of plays around with the concept of classes, much like the sorcerer, where it represents something you are as opposed to what you do but it works out to play concepts that you can't normally do.

Aside from their frames each godling gets a domain. The non-caster godlings get more domains as they level. There are talent-like powers in the form of Divine Traits which range wildly, Acendencies for the casters, and Scion Talents for the non-casters. All in all they are a pretty modular bunch of classes. The casters can choose what spell list they use and what stat they can cast with but I seriously recommend limiting this to mental stats, Otherwise the casters can be a nightmare to deal with the inevitable Strength or Dex casters. The Acendencies and Scion Talents all look like a blast to use. The Divine traits takes some careful reading to know how exactly they work but not enough to call the classes complex. I think as a whole the product succeeds in giving four classes that feel like divine beings although I'm not feeling the prestige class.

The Godling
Ascendant is pretty much more Talents, Acendencies and Traits that bring in line some APG stuff along with giving a few goodies to other classes within the theme of godlings.

But the real question is can you make Hercules in the stylings of Kevin Sorbo with this? The answer is yes. Yes you can.

Barring the messiness with exactly how to deal with the caster godling's casting stat and exact spell list These are pretty neat options for the classes. They are straight forward and brimming with flavor and possibilities so I'd give it five stars. Gift Certificates
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