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ASLComp: Bulge Pack 1


Our Price: $39.95


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THIRIMONT, BELGIUM, 15 January 1945: By the end of 1944 the German offensive in the Belgian Ardennes was definitely stopped. But the Allies still had to push the Germans back behind the Siegfried Line before they could resume their strike into the Reich. By January 13 eleven days after it was launched the counteroffensive had expanded far enough to the east along the battle line to engage the American 30th Infantry Division into the fight, with the capture of St. Vith as a first objective. While its sister regiments were plowing south over the hills, the 120th Regiment was locked in a bitter three-day struggle for Thirimont, a ridge village which controlled the east flank of the attack. By irony of fate, this village was defended by the 1st Battalion of the 9th Fallschirmjaeger Regiment, the same unit, whose soldiers so full of confidence, earlier rode on the tanks of the powerful Kampfgruppe Peiper, and had traversed Thirimont one month earlier on the way to the Meuse bridges.

About 15 years ago Euro Pak II brought ASLers a bevy of Battle of the Bulge scenarios and proved to be one of our best-sellers ever. It's long been out of print ... and deserving of an update. And an update, and then some, is exactly what it has received! Two new geomorphic maps, both depicting rivers, scenarios updated, all known errata input, plus the new layout and art. PLUS some additonal bonus BULGE scenarios AND a FREE copy of the Wingen-sur-Moder counter sheet providing vehicles and AFVs shown on the image above. All in all it comes at you as BULGE PAK I (a hint that, yes, there will be a BULGE PAK II).

As an added bonus, if you ordered any of the new items scheduled to ship in November as part of a BULGE AMMO BOX bundle, or separately, you are eligible for super special prices. International customers pay the USPS postage, but we'll try and get everything into as few Flat Rate envelopes as possible so you can rest assured you will be saving a ton of cash.

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Discontinued This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer or is no longer being carried by our distributor.

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