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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Animorphs (PFRPG) PDF

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Anthropomorphic Races
Anthropomorphic animals, are animals with humanoid features, typically bipedal, humanoid hands and speech with an animal head and fur. These races have been recorded in human history back to recorded time. In a modern era game, these are most disregarded as myth or legend much like dragons and other creatures. In a fantasy setting they will fit in just fine, while in a sci-fi based game they can be used as aliens. Use the templates provide to expand your game into all new directions.

This great Pathfinder Roleplaying Game expansion offers templates for a large number of anthropomorphic races for use as PCs and NPCs. So have some animal fun and add some Anthropomorphic Races to your game!

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A lesson in what not to do

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Ainimorphs is a rather confusing and by my mind incomplete product. Animals to be made anthropomorphic are give point totals but nothing much to compare them to except maybe each other. There is no range given as to which races a GM can safely allow in his or her campaign without worrying about balance issues. The numbers given sort of remind me of what has been put forth by Paizo in their playtest for Ultimate Races. However, there is no test given to indicate that those numbers are to what the totals should be compared to. Without a sliding scale to use for comparison the numbers are meaningless.

Bottom Line: If you can stomach or ignore the sexual portions of Skortched Urf's Fursona pdfs you're much better off with them than you are with this one. Gift Certificates
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