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Fantasy Warlord Mass Combat Rules

Our Price: $35.00


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At last! A set of fantasy combat rules that let you re-create the clash of fantastic armies in a fast moving game that is fun to play!

This is what Fantasy Warlord gives you:

Combat and firing are resolved with a d100 so there is no need to roll thousands of six sided dice! A carefully structured morale system, that enables goblins, orcs, elves and dwarfs to act like their true fantasy prototypes. A magic system that works without destroying the game. The rules feature over one hundred spells and fifty magical weapons and artifacts you can arm your heroes with. Clear and concise rules as well as quick reference playsheets for each race, so there is no need to keep thumbing through the rulebook. A unique system of order countrs, so commands do not have to be written down! Fog of War rules, so troops will not always obey their orders!

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