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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Tales of the Floating Vagabond RPG: Weirder Tales ... a Space Opera

Our Price: $15.95


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Weirder Tales ...a Space Opera, the hermetically sealed adventure supplement for Tales form the Floating Vagabond, contains the following air-tight accessories:

Rules for running science fiction and space opera adventures The three 'R's, Vagabond style; Rules, Robots, and Rocketships Dangerous Dogfighting, a card-based combat system for rocket-to-rocket battles beyond the stars Spaceships Forms for custom-designed rockets to nowhere A host of new characters, including Alien invaders, bug-eyed monsters, disco-crazed jukeboxes, domestic destroyers,killer club scouts, mad scientists, rockin' robots and space pirates Bug-eyed humans, bug-eyed robots, and bug-eyed ducks, bug-eyed maps and art newly designed character sheets inserts and much, much more!

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