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Pathfinder Paper Minis—Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path Part 1: "Edge of Anarchy" PDF

****( ) (based on 4 ratings)

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This set contains 90 key NPCs and creatures from "Edge of Anarchy", part one of the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path!

The city of Korvosa has its own set of dangers, and in this set, you'll get a slew of urban encounters! Brutal thugs, cat-sized spiders, and a few hungry aquatic opponents await your PCs, but even in Korvosa, there are allies.

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Anpugit, male human (Vudran) expert
  • Baldrago, male human warrior
  • Bezzeraty, male human expert
  • Blackjack
  • Bloo, dog
  • Boar (2)
  • Cabbagehead, male ogrekin human fighter
  • Carrion golem
  • Chittersnap, male ettercap
  • Derro (Small) (6)
  • Devargo Barvasi, male human rogue
  • Drain spider (Tiny) (4)
  • Dream spider (Small) (4)
  • Eel's End enforcer (12)
  • Executioner, male human
  • Gaedren Lamm, male old human expert/rogue
  • Giggles, male half-orc fighter
  • Gobblegut, male alligator
  • Grau Soldado, male human rogue/fighter
  • Halvara, female half-elf expert
  • Hookshanks Gruller, male gnome rogue
  • Hopeful thug, male human warrior (6)
  • Human skeleton (6)
  • Jigsaw shark
  • Karralo, male human warrior
  • Kester, male human child
  • Lamm's Little Lamb, human child (6)
  • Lesser necrophidius (3)
  • Majenko, male pseudodragon (Tiny)
  • Malder, male human warrior
  • Ogre spider
  • Otyugh (Large)
  • Owlbear skeleton (Large)
  • Parns, male human warrior
  • Queen Ileosa Arabasti, female human aristocrat
  • Rajeek, male human (Vudran) expert/rogue
  • Raktavarna (Small)
  • Reefclaw (3)
  • Sabina Merrin, female human fighter
  • Thousand Faces, male old human (Shoanti)
  • Tiora, female human rogue
  • Trinia Sabor, female human bard
  • Tuggins, male gnome expert/rogue (Small)
  • Vencarlo Orsini, male middle-aged human
  • Verik Vancaskerkin, male human fighter
  • Vreeg, male derro necromancer (Small
  • Yargin Balko, male human expert
  • Zellara, female middle-aged human (Varisian)

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 4 ratings)

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Stick with the artwork provided

**( )( )( )

This is my first set of minis (out of 17) that I'm disappointed in. We buy paper minis specifically so we can run adventure paths, and unfortunately many of these minis are not good representations of specific NPCs.

For example:

- Lamm looks like a farmer (compared to the picture on page 20 of CotCT). Lamm is the reason everyone comes together as a group, I find this unacceptable.

- Sabina's iconic (sexy) armor and falchion are gone and replaced with generic knight platemail, longsword, and a commoner's wooden shield. WTF. (compared to page 25)

- Zellara looks more like a barmaid than a fortune teller (compared to page 11)

- Grau looks like a d****e, even more unsympathetic than before

- Vankaskerkin looks more like a woodsman than a guardsman (compared to page 32)

- Devargo looks like he came out of the Matrix (compared to page 37)

- The dream spiders didn't have the correct markings on their backs

- Thousand Bones looks like a Native American Indian, not a Shoanti (compared to page 48)

Arrghhhh! It's so frustrating, why didn't he use the art that was already provided in CotCT?? The minis are so different from the artwork in the AP, I might as well used ANY minis to do the job!

On the bright side, I thought the artist did great on the NPCs that had a description but didn't have any art in CotCT. I especially like the NPCs and thugs at Eel's End.

My advice is to use the artwork from the AP as much as possible in the future. If future sets are like this, I'll have to reconsider purchasing paper minis for APs.

Worth more than I paid.


Frankly, this set was worth it just for Majenko. Something about his depiction is simply fascinating, no idea why.

Sure, there are a few "repeatable" cronies in this pack, but the artwork is fabulous and it's nice to be able to put a named NPC on the board knowing it's not a copycat of some other figure. I've had several players request to take them home. :)

Thanks for these. I'll certainly be looking forward to using all the rest of the sets.

Well done.



There are a number of reasons to get a set like this. First off, if you're running the adventure path. This set gives you a number of great looking thugs and adventurers. Sure some of them are repeated, but let's be honest the repeated no name thug is there to be just one in the crowd. Not every NPC needs to be unique, sometimes they're just dudes to fight.

But what really got me with this one is the really great looking art from C. Jack.

Only minor complaint is that Devargo Barvasi and Sabina Merrin went a bit too far from the original art. Merrin in particular doesn't look nearly as unique. Unless she was supposed to Cressida Kroft, who I wish had been in the set. I expect we'll see her in the next set.

Overall, great job.

Not a bad set...but,,,

****( )

OK...I feel bad about giving CJ less than 5 stars 2 sets in a row, but this one didn't thrill me the way many of his past sets did.

All of the major players ARE included, and for $5 that's a great deal. You get some very cool minis (Undead Owlbear, Otyugh, Reefclaws) but there are a lot of repeat minis...minis with exactly the same artwork as other minis in the set (Eels End, Skelotins, and one of the hopeful thugs is just an Eels End guy with different shirt...which would be OK, but then we get THAT guy a second time...)

Still, like I said, a bunch of Minis for a great AP or very little $$.

But the designs didn;t inspire me this time. Gift Certificates
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