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101 New Skill Uses (PFRPG)

****½ (based on 8 ratings)

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Got skills?

101 New Skill Uses gives you—yes, you guessed it—101 New Skill Uses, that will help you roll the dice on a new way of doing things.

From leaping charges into battle, to intricate seductions that leave you with a willing informant, to skill uses that suppress cursed magic items, along with a way to get magic items to activate faster, and using the heal skill to harm, 101 New Skill Uses brings a host of new options and risks to your character's actions.

Wholly compatible with the Pathfinder RolePlaying Game, 101 New Skill Uses is designed so that almost every new use has a penalty for failure, with DCs that scale based on the opponent or subject you attempt to use it against; avoiding fixed DCs when possible, and/or DCs based on intentional attempts at an amazing success with a skill.

Get yours now and see if you have the skill it takes!

Author Steven D. Russell;
Cover Image by James "Devin Night" Hazelett;
Pages: 19

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Product Reviews (8)
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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 8 ratings)

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I feel like this book is kind of mandatory at this point. Even though a lot of players don't want to be bogged down with more rules to understand as a GM I use this book a lot to handle a lot of situations that that aren't detailed in the core rules, so players use the book whether they look at it or not which has made my games a lot better. This book makes skills more useful and thus more valuable which is something the game really needs.

You need this book if you want skills to get a buff. Five stars.

Great Ideas, Lots of Potential Abuse, Wish I could make it a 2.5

**( )( )( )

First off, let me say that I generally enjoy Rite Publishing's material. Even this product has some really good ideas, and its a good concept. I think that skills could use some more options as well. Unfortunately, while some new options really are new options, some are just begging to be abused, and others really should be feats when you look at the overall design paradigm of Pathfinder.

Among the good ideas? Guidelines on bribes based on level, and what kind of information you could get from an autopsy. Great, these are things not currently addressed. Exactly what I'm looking for.

Then some things get clunky. Skill uses that require you to have a minimum number of ranks in other skills seem especially cumbersome. It's not that there isn't a certain logic to it, but at the same time, it complicated and doesn't resemble other rules in the game regarding skills.

Then we get into using diplomacy for calling for a truce, and other skill uses that allow for a very specific use of the skill. Too many players already get hung up on forcing NPCs to do something with social skills, and skill uses like this just encourage "diplomacy as a charm spell" gaming.

Then there are skill uses that allow PCs to ignore difficult terrain (already done with other mechanics that aren't just higher DCs, and kind of messes with people that took those options), and skill uses that allow for shutting down or reprogramming constructs (definitely something I'd require a feat CHAIN for, not just a really high DC).

I really wanted to like this product, and there are some good ideas in this, but it would take too much "this is in, that is out" GM editing, and would open up too many questions compared to just not using the product outright. Here's to more skill uses that are brand new ideas and not just ways to circumvent existing rules with high skill DCs.

An excellent addition to ever PFRP out there!

****( )

This is the book/.pdf my gaming group had been clamoring. It adds some serious depth to skills and allows some great new additions without adding a series of new feats of limited use. Including information on kip ups, running cons, or some alternate diplomacy uses, this book will see usage as soon as you download it and read it.

Skills need love too


One thing we see very little of in various pathfinder products is new ways to use those things that make up the right most side of our character sheets (or at least many of them). Often forgotten under the flood of feats and class options and spells, are those wonderful little insanely self descriptive things we call skills.

Well this products breaths a little life back into the skill monkey with a host of interesting new ways to use them. I am extremely pleased with this product. I was expecting to grab a handful of these and insert them into my game, but after having read it, I am going to use all 101.


This book gives a much needed expansion of skills. It provides more uses for the skills you have, and new skill DC guidelines. It adds alot of new stuff you can do in your existing game. I recommend it to all pathfinder players everywhere.

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