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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

4E Condition Tokens—Game Master's Set

***½( ) (based on 2 ratings)

Our Price: $20.99


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Set of 33 tokens for use with your favorite fantasy roleplaying game. Each token measures 1 inch square, and fits perfectly on your 1-inch-grid gaming mats. This size and shape allow you to quickly and easily see at a glance all the combatant conditions in play. The colored tokens can be stacked and still be clearly identified; even when you place your figure on top, you will still be able to quickly see what conditions that figure is experiencing.

This Game Masters set is ideal for multiple players, and has all the tokens needed for the conditions during the game. The tokens include:

    15 double-sided tokens (3 of each)
  • Stunned-Surprised in blue
  • Dazed-Dominated in purple
  • Weakened-Dying in red
  • Helpless-Unconscious in black
  • Restrained-Immobilized in green
    18 single-sided tokens (3 of each)
  • Blinded in fluorescent blue
  • Deafened in transparent yellow
  • Slowed in fluorescent amber
  • Marked in fluorescent green
  • Petrified in translucent grey
  • Prone in solid brown

Difficult to see the lettering on your tokens? Rub a wax pencil or crayon across the etched area, working the wax into the etched lettering, then wipe off the excess wax with a clean, dry cloth.

Product Availability

Discontinued This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer or is no longer being carried by our distributor.

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Product Reviews (2)

Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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missing some conditions

***( )( )

These tokens are okay, but they're missing Bloodied and Grabbed. Also, they could have done a better job of pairing similar conditions together on the double-sided tokens as is done for the Pathfinder tokens, e.g., Slowed / Immobilized on one token, Dazed / Stunned on another, and Restrained / Helpless on another.

Also, as the other reviewer mentioned, these would be a lot better if the conditions could be written across the circumference as well as the large surface. (That would mean the tokens can't be double-sided, though.)

If I could change 'em

****( )

Nothing like tracking the conditions of your miniature during an encounter. I just wish they were round and slightly larger than the miniature's base with the condition written along the circumference. This would be better than squares and the conditions written across the center. Still, through habitual trial, the colors and conditions are easily memorized. Gift Certificates
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