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Gothic Heroes: Pregenerated Characters (PFRPG)

***** (based on 7 ratings)

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A set of 8 rules-legal, fully fleshed out, ready to play pregenerated 1st level characters created specifically to shine in a gothic-themed Adventure Path campaign, written Neil Spicer and the Legendary Games Design Team.

Adventure Path campaigns are designed to provide heroic challenges. That means players participating in those campaigns have to create a party of PCs able to handle any situation thrown at them by Paizo’s amazing stable of writers. That’s where we at Legendary Games come in. Let those very same writers provide you with the characters you need to succeed, all rules-legal and fully compliant! We guarantee each character will provide an interesting and unique roleplaying experience, because these pregens are more than just a collection of stats—they are fully formed character concepts with identities and personalities created by the best in the industry. Each with amazing art by Hugo Solis!

Built using the 20-point-buy method, with scaling notes for 15-point builds, these PCs are perfect for the recent Gothic Adventure Path or for your home campaign. Paizo products have long been as much about story as about combat, and these pregens are no different. But because of our old-school gaming pedigree, you can rest assured these PCs can handle themselves in each challenge they’ll face. When it’s time to thrown down, none of these pregens will be stepping to the sidelines. Print these heroes out and double-dip them in the stuff adventures are made of. Each PC also includes a backstory, a trait selection from the specific campaign’s Player’s Guide, some special equipment, links to how the character fits into the campaign, and some roleplaying tips. To top it all off, each character comes with preselected choices as they advance in the first few levels, and also include notes about their ultimate design goals so you know what you are working towards.

Plenty of our products are geared for the hardworking GM, but this one is for every gamer out there. If you are a player, these PCs should provide endless opportunities for adventure. If you are a GM, you can use these pregenerated characters as NPCs or rival adventuring parties. And if you play or run Pathfinder Society adventures, with a few tweaks these PCs will work for you, too.

This download includes two files: a “full color” version, with color backgrounds, and a “color ink” version that has white backgrounds with color ink, giving you multiple ways to print out these characters for your game table. Permission is included to photocopy and use them for your home games.

As an added bonus, each file also contains a sheet of stand up miniatures for you to cut out and use for each character with Hugo Solis’ amazing art!

The PDF files are portrait oriented (unlike some Legendary Games products) since that layout better fits the character sheet model. Additionally, some of the content in the stat blocks of the character sheets has been linked to the Pathfinder Reference Document, the official online compendium of game rules (when not present there, such as the changeling, for example, we used the d20PFSRD), so that you can access important rules from a link right there in your character sheet!

Power to the Players! Now go roll initiative!


  • Agrimar Vaskel, male half-orc paladin of the Goddess of Valor (undead scourge)
  • Dominnia Vorsaife, female aasimar summoner and her eidolon, Theodric
  • Eilinica Ziorec, female human cleric of the Goddess of Dreams
  • Ereviss Cierdel, male elf bard (detective)
  • Jevalt Ardain, male dhampir inquisitor
  • Merenso Kull, male half-elf ranger (skirmisher)
  • Xiuj Hak Leyng of the Seven-Ghost-Needles, male human alchemist
  • Ysabot Vaskel, female changeling witch and her cat familiar, Persimmon

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***** (based on 7 ratings)

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Gothic Heroes is FULL of AWESOMESAUCE and WIN!


I actually GM'ed the "Gothic Horror" Adventure Path (also known as Carrion Crown) and got to the third chapter ... due to time and other real-life responsibilities I had to pass on continuing this AP. And it makes me sad that I had to.

Should I ever have the chance to GM this adventure path again, and my players are at a loss for character concepts, these pregenerated characters will prove to be an invaluable resource. (Fun Fact: I actually had a PC very similar to the alchemist pregen, although he wasn't from the "far east" ... he was an old man). ;)

Each and every character in this PDF is well thought out, and a very capable character (and this supplement and its "sibling" Imperial Heroes has me reconsidering the point buy system. I think I'll default to 20 point buy from now on).

Even if you aren't going to GM "Carrion Crown" this PDF is well worth your time and money (at $5 it is a true gem, and Hugo's illustrations are just gorgeous). Download it now, c'mon you know you want to. Oh and they're written up/conceived by Neil Spicer ... and we all know he's a genius ... on so many levels. :)

The best pregens money can buy right now

****( )

This pdf is 33 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page ToC, 1 page editorial, 1 page biographical information on the people involved, 1 page SRD and 1 page back cover/advertisement, leaving 27 pages of content, so let's check these pre-gens out!

After a short introduction to how the idea for these pregens came up and an explanation how this ties in with the Carrion Crown AP, we are introduced to 8 pregens especially suitable for said AP or any gothic horror-themed campaign. Each of the characters comes with a wonderful one-page b/w-artwork by Hugo Solis, unfortunately partially obscured by a scroll with a quick round-up of the characters motivation.

We get: Agrimar Vaskel, half-orc paladin (undead scourge), a paladin struggling with his inner rage. It is here that we can see how this pdf goes the extra mile: An extended background info is provided alongside a detailed section on personality and physical traits, roleplaying leads, information to modify him to a 15-point-buy system. Excellent! Dominnia Vorsaife, an aasimar summoner with her armor-clad eidolon is just as awesome, if not even better - after all her eidolon is her angelic forefather come down to help her! Ereviss Cierdel, elven detective bard, makes for a great option for someone seeking to play a more sophisticated, mundane character sans ties to the divine, while dhampir inquisitor Jevalt Ardain is sure to arouse the interest of those seeking a character with a darker bent. Half-elf skirmisher ranger Merenso Kull on the other hand satisfies the yearning of players who'd rather play the not-too social or brooding role, but rather go for a more globe-trotter-like hunter. Xiuj Hak Leyng comes from distant Tian Xia and is an alchemist - and a great take on the wise man from the east trope. Finally, Ysabot VAskel, changeling witch completes the ragtag band of characters.

And characters they are. reading through them again and again, I feel myself actually WANTING to play these characters - they are interesting enough to be used as a set, as a stand-in for a character that has died unexpectedly or just as NPCs - add some levels and have fun with them if you don't want to hand them to your players. We also get a page of stand-up figures to be printed out.

Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice any glitches. The 2-column-layout is STUNNING. Beautiful. Awesome. The b/w-artworks are stellar. The pdf comes with extensive bookmarks as well as a full-color, but more printer-friendly second version. I encourage anybody who owns a good printer to print the screen version, though - while the drain is BRUTAL, the result is oh so sweet.
The characters are stellar and deserve the name character, going above and beyond in what one would expect of pre-generated characters - Neil Spicer has woven a web of relationships between the characters that is ensured to enrich roleplaying when using them. However, not all is perfect: The scrolls containing quotes hiding parts of the artwork are nice, but having 1-page versions of the artworks would have been even better.

Also, while the characters are cool and their rules fit on one page (even the summoner), I am missing inventories, more space for notes, spells etc. for them - essentially I'd love a presentation akin to a true character-sheet. As presented here, you'll be forced to sooner or later convert the characters to a mundane sheet and thereafter never take a look at these gorgeous pages again. Having e.g. a char-sheet per character with a small portrait that can be filled out in the pdf or as an additional file would have made for the true icing on the cake. While not cheap, we do get quality for our money. Nevertheless, I can't really bring myself to rating this the full 5 stars due to aforementioned short-lived usefulness. My final verdict will thus be 4 stars.

Endzeitgeist out.

Pregens done right!


Pregenerated characters have a long and not always honorable history in RPGs, but the ones you will find in Gothic Heroes are pregens done right. These characters aren't just stats and equipment and names. They have personalities and backgrounds and physical descriptions, and even hunts on advancement and roleplaying 'hooks' for presenting them at the table.

It's also worthwhile to note that the included characters' races break away from some of the usual standbys in fantasy RPGs. You have one elf and half elf out of eight characters, respectively a bard with the alternate detective archetype and a ranger with the skirmisher archetype, and neither of them behave much like one normally expects elves or half-elves to act.

The other characters are even more exciting and well done. Half are new classes from the Advanced Players Guide, with an aasimar (think descended from celestials) summoner and her knightly ancestor/eidolon; a vampire-blooded dhampir inquisitor who hunts vampires; an alchemist from Tian Xia; and a changeling (a still mostly human woman born of a hag) witch who travels with her half-brother, an undead-fighting half-orc paladin! The latter is another great character, being a clever subversion of both the classic thuggish half-orc and the knightly paladin. The last character is a fortune-telling priestess of the goddess of dreams, and if she seems like the least it's only because everyone else is so amazing.

Really, if you're planning to play in the Carrion Crown adventure path, you'll love this. If you want to play in Pathfinder's Ustalav, or just use Gothic horror at all, you'll love this. It's an amazing value for $5 and I fervently hope that Legendary Games does more such character packs in the future.

The Pregens are dead. Long live the Pregens!


tl;dr If you want pre-generated characters for Carrion Crown, this is money well spent.

I like pre-gens. As a GM, it's nice to be able to just plop down some characters in front of your players and start playing, rather then spend hours as players fight over books and equipment lists, only to make characters wildly inappropriate to the adventure's theme. With pre-gens, you can jump straight into the game, and if a player doesn't like a character, they can make the changes they want between sessions, like a TV pilot being recast.

And these, these are nice pre-gens. Far, far better than the ones that used to come with Paizo APs. Detailed with compelliing back stories and plot hooks, they are perfectly designed for the AP.

They've got character.


I love pre-gens, ever since the TORG sourcebooks with the pages of ready made characters in the back. "Ooh, a lizard-man with a gatling gun, i'd like to take THAT for a spin." Whether you drive them off the lot, tinker under the hood a little yourself, or just get an inspiration you might not have had otherwise, pregens can be very useful to player and GM alike.

Gothic Heroes by Legendary Games is a set of worthy protagonists for the Carrion Crown AP, but could easily fit any dark fantasy/horror game. I liked the tips on rp and character advancement they provided. They even provide paper miniatures since it's really hard to put lead into pdf. The art is 5 stars, detailed and stylish, Hugo Solis is a name to watch.

I'd like to see more products like this, AP support, Legendary Games has done a heck of a job.

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