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GameMastery Map Pack: Ancient Forest

***( )( ) (based on 5 ratings)
GameMastery Map Pack: Ancient Forest

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Print Edition Unavailable

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Wan sunlight filters in through a canopy thick with hanging moss. Twisted roots turn the narrow, winding path into a treacherous obstacle, and gnarled branches seem to reach down to pluck and scratch at unwary travelers. These dense tangles that can hide any number of monsters and menaces, and now they come to life in the latest of Paizo Publishing's GameMastery Map Packs!

This line of gaming accessories provides simple and elegant tools for the busy Game Master. Inside, you'll find 18 beautiful 5" x 8" map tiles that can be combined to form a wide range of sites explorers might come across in any large, vast woodland.

    These cards present several different forest elements, including:
  • Blighted Forest Glen
  • Briar Patch
  • Druid Glade
  • Fairy Ring
  • Overgrown Ruins
  • Winding Pathways

Game Masters shouldn't waste their time drawing trees and mazes of tangled undergrowth every time the player characters wander into the woods. With GameMastery Map Pack: Ancient Forest, you'll always be ready with a place for your sinister forest denizens to ambush a few heroes!

Cartography by Corey Macourek

For use with the industry's most popular roleplaying or tabletop miniature campaigns, and useable by experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Master's arsenal.

Good GMs can never have too many maps at their disposal, and Paizo's GameMastery Map Packs provide high-quality gridded maps for use with both RPGs and miniatures games.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-134-3

Sample tiles. Click to enlarge.

Winding Pathways (4 individual tiles)

Overgrown Ruins (4 tiles)Blighted Forest Glen (4 tiles)
Druid Glade (2 tiles)Fairy Ring (2 tiles)Briar Patch (2 tiles)

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Maps Subscription.

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Print Edition: Unavailable

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Product Reviews (5)

Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 5 ratings)

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Mixed opinions

***( )( )

On its own it’s a good map pack. The theme is very versatile and can easily double as a old burned down forest or a fresh battlefield with trees. Unfortunately, in a room with poor lighting this set in too dark to synergize with other brighter maps and the grid disappears. The Druid Glade and Fairy Ring can’t be used in any other way but gluing or taping them together underneath.

The entire 5x8 square piece set feels like (if not is) dark matte photos, making their customized integration difficult. I tried making some of them into D&D adventure system tiles and the matte photo quality quickly became an issue. It’s easy to damage them when cutting, exposing the ugly white paper underneath. The matte surface can be easily stained, so take caution.

Nice outdoors tiles

****( )

The artwork is a bit dark, but I guess it lends an appropriately gloomy atmosphere to these tiles.

This set isn't one of the more versatile Map Packs, but I'll give a 4-star rating because nearly all of these tiles should be good for multiple uses, and they appear to be modular enough to be combined in a fair number of different ways. They seem like they should be a good combination with the swamp Flip Mat.

I agree with a previous reviewer about the fairy ring, though: I can't imagine a single use for it... away to the "bits bin" with it.

I assembled the multi-part cards with masking tape; seems to be just flexible and tough enough to hold the cards together on a semi-permanent basis.

A good set if you have an encounter in a "dead wood"...

****( )

I have all the map packs that have been released, and this is one of my favourites. I found that I could create a decent-sized, evocative encounter with these tiles. I managed to combine the briar patch with the blighted forest glen, winding pathways, and druid glade, and while some trails did not line up perfectly, they still looked good. I spend a lot of time trekking in the Canadian Rockies, and I'll tell you from experience, many game trails just "disappear" in the brush... so I wasn't too bothered by the few trails that didn't match up. The somber "dead wood" / autumn theme worked well for my purposes (if you're looking for an ancient forest with lush vegetation and huge redwoods, this set isn't for you). I'm not sure I'll ever give a map pack a 5-star rating, if only due to the flimsy single sided card stock... so this is as good as it gets in this line (I would have given 4.5 stars if I could have). Still good value for money.

My solution for minimizing the accidental displacement of cards is to put them on some of that rubberized kitchen drawer liner you can by in most department stores. You might also stick some thin magnets on the bottom of the cards, and then place them on a Dark Platypus magna map... they'll definitely stay in place if you go with the latter option, though prepping the cards will take a bit more effort.

Too dark, don't tie together well.

**( )( )( )

These tiles are so dark it's hard to use markers on them. I also don't particularly care for the colors here, I've spend a lot of time outdoors and this just doesn't really conjure up any forest I've been in. The tiles also don't tie together well. You are limited to building a fairly small scale encounter or resorting to a map that has jarring edges that don't match. It would be nice if there were some way to tie them. The farm tiles and the marketplace tiles (and quite a few others) can both be used to make larger maps, for an outdoors encounter this is a little disappointing.

The blighted forest glen is also Ok but the other Fairy Ring and the Briar patch will almost certainly never see use at my table.

The overgrown ruins and the druid glade are both good pieces and will likely see some use at my table but since they don't match any of my other tiles it's tough to just drop them onto the table.

edit: A few quick comments about the previous post. All of the general criticisms of the map packs are valid but easily worked around. I find them easier to deal with than the dungeon tiles I got from Wizards though. I use a little tape to hold the tiles together and just happened to have a small box which fits them perfectly. I've heard you can find card holders at office depot that fit them quite well also.

Overall I like the map packs because they let you have premade sections that you can piece into a larger area as you want to design it. This pack is kind of a poor example of that.

gorgeous product marred by limited utility

***( )( )

First of all, this is a beautiful beautiful map pack with several interesting ways to combine the tiles. If you're looking for a gorgeous ruin I highly recommend this pack.

However this may never see use at my table. My criticism is not specific to this map pack, but rather to all the map packs, so be forewarned.

First, once the package is open there's no way to keep all the tiles together so I ended up using a rubberband. It would be really nice if these came with a sleeve or some way of bundling them together.

Second, they're just too thin and flimsy. This is an issue because they can get moved around too easily due to a combination of their thinness and slickness. I would like something a little more sturdy.

Third, there is no way to connect the tiles provided, so they can be bumped around on the table and don't exactly line up. This is at the last of my list because I can just tape them if it bothers me. But the icing on the cake would be if there was a built in way to connect tiles to each other. Gift Certificates
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