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GameMastery Map Pack: Ambush Sites

****½ (based on 2 ratings)
GameMastery Map Pack: Ambush Sites

Add PDF $8.99

Print Edition Unavailable

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They happen in every game—unexpected attacks on unsuspecting heroes. Be it a gang of thugs jumping a group that’s wandered into the worst part of town or a band of sneaky goblins and their traps along a remote forest trail, ambushes are a staple of any properly sadistic Game Master’s bag of tricks. Ambushes are best when they’re unexpected, and now you’ll never be without maps for them, thanks to GameMastery Map Pack: Ambush Sites!

This line of gaming accessories provides simple and elegant tools for the busy Game Master. Inside, you’ll find 18 captivating 5" × 8" specially coated map tiles, allowing you to use wet-erase and dry-erase markers, then remove ink with ease!

    This set includes:
  • Woodland Path
  • Back Alley
  • Narrow Bridge
  • Cavern Corridor
  • Sewer Junction

Game Masters shouldn’t waste their time sketching maps every time their players stumble into danger. With GameMastery Map Pack: Ambush Sites, you’ll be ready next time your players get in over their heads!

Good GMs can never have too many maps at their disposal, and Paizo’s GameMastery Map Packs provide high-quality gridded maps for use with both RPGs and miniatures games.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-284-5

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Maps Subscription.

Product Availability

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Print Edition: Unavailable

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Sovereign Court

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber

When will we likely see samples of this pack?

Paizo Employee Franchise Manager

They'll pop out and surprise us when we least expect it

Though given that they are set to come out in nine months, I'd expect them in the fall at the soonest

Yes. Fall is a good estimate. :)

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

I've updated the cover image and description; we'll add sample tiles next week.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

Sample tiles have been added.

Liberty's Edge

Well the larger one looks like it could be used with the new City Streets Flip Mat on the blank side.



EDIT: Looks like actually they can be used with the existing lines of a few of the maps....

thenorthman wrote:

Well the larger one looks like it could be used with the new City Streets Flip Mat on the blank side.



EDIT: Looks like actually they can be used with the existing lines of a few of the maps....

Yes, they can. The goal of this set was to purposely make them work with existing environments, but not be a re-hash of them. Because that would be lame.

Its a Trap!

@stroVal wrote:
Its a Trap!

Your players can't repel maps of this magnitude!

Corey Macourek wrote:
@stroVal wrote:
Its a Trap!
Your players can't repel maps of this magnitude!

At that close range we won't last long against those Archers/assassins/black knights/armed chariots*!

*=(pick a menace...aaany menace)


This pack just showed up today.

The colors of the woodland path and stone bridge match up best with the River Crossing flip mat and can make a nice extension to the side of the map with the fallen tree. Unfortunately, the Forest flip mat was printed darker so not as useful with that.

The sewers are a nice extension for last month's city flip mat, though the alley ambush only fits on the back of that.

Overall, nice and useful.

Mine arrived today as well. I haven't opened them yet.

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