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PaizoCon 2014!

GameMastery Flip-Mat: Country Inn

****( ) (based on 6 ratings)
GameMastery Flip-Mat: Country Inn
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Add Print: $12.99

Add PDF: $8.99

Non-Mint: Unavailable

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Bandits in the hills? Saddle-sore and ready to trade in your sleeping mat for a comfy bed and a fresh cup of ale? Flip-Mat: Country Inn sets the scene for a relaxing rural break from the road—and makes the perfect locale for an ambush, assassination attempt, brigand raid, or any of countless other battle possibilities!

This portable, affordable map measures 24" x 30" unfolded, and 8" x 10" folded. Its coated surface can handle any dry erase, wet erase, or even permanent marker. Usable by experienced GMs and novices alike, GameMastery Flip-Mats fit perfectly into any Game Master’s arsenal!

On tabletops across the world, the Flip-Mat Revolution is changing the way players run their fantasy roleplaying games! Why take the time to sketch out ugly scenery on a smudgy plastic mat when dynamic encounters and easy clean-up is just a Flip away?

Cartographer: Jason Engle

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-324-8

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Maps Subscription.

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Print: Ships in 2 to 6 business days.

PDF: Fulfilled immediately. Will be added to your My Downloads Page immediately upon purchase of PDF.

Non-Mint: Unavailable This product is non-mint. Refunds are not available for non-mint products. The standard version of this product can be found here.

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Product Discussion (14)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

So what's on the back?

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Twowlves wrote:

So what's on the back?

It hasn't been designed yet! (Note that the current art is a mock-up.)


Vic Wertz wrote:
Twowlves wrote:

So what's on the back?
It hasn't been designed yet! (Note that the current art is a mock-up.)

Maybe the beer garden, inn yard or stable?

Actually a stable would be deserving of its own map. There's always some sort of action taking place in one, and it makes a good place for encounters with all the partial cover.

A stable is probably a good idea.

But a summer beer garden scene sounds so much cooler!


Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Deluxe Comics Subscriber
Vic Wertz wrote:
Twowlves wrote:

So what's on the back?
It hasn't been designed yet! (Note that the current art is a mock-up.)

Will it be blank?


Dragnmoon wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
Twowlves wrote:

So what's on the back?

How about a second floor and/or cellar?

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

The image has been updated to reflect the finished product.


That's a great map, and I think it will see much use in my campaigns!

Silver Crusade

Solid map. Love the separated area.

recently started a subscription (Necropolis on the way) and VERY excited to see this. I really love inns and taverns and this one looks fantastic. Hope the trend of maps like this continues!!!

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Is it me or is the map with the interior of the inn missing a texture or something? All the walls are black........

Paizo Employee Webstore Gninja Minion

Slamy Mcbiteo wrote:
Is it me or is the map with the interior of the inn missing a texture or something? All the walls are black........

This is intended.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I noticed that this map is used in PFS scenario #5-01, but came out about 3 years ago. How often the maps are reused? If I can get more than 1 use out of a map that really helps me with my purchase decision.


Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

There is some overlap, such as the mountain pass flipmat and a few others. The waterfront map pack also gets multiple uses.

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