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GameMastery Flip-Mat: Waterfront Tavern

****( ) (based on 8 ratings)
GameMastery Flip-Mat: Waterfront Tavern

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Every city needs a seedy, dingy waterfront tavern, and the latest Flip-Mat release delivers, with a new two-sided full-color durable laminated map depicting a dockside dive your players won’t soon forget! Consort with unsavory characters in a darkened, curtained booth. Sidle up to the criminal element at the well-soaked, crooked bar, and try not to smash the cheap furniture or fall from the balcony when the inevitable fight breaks out.

This portable, affordable map measures 24" x 30" unfolded, and 8" x 10" folded. Its coated surface can handle any dry erase, wet erase, or even permanent marker. Usable by experienced GMs and novices alike, GameMastery Flip-Mats fit perfectly into any Game Master’s arsenal!

Additionally, Flip-Mat: Waterfront Tavern can be combined with Map Pack: Waterfront in a number of different ways to create an even larger waterfront scene!

Cartographer: Corey Macourek

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-175-6

This Flip-Mat is featured in the following adventure:

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Maps Subscription.

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Product Reviews (8)
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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 8 ratings)

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Solid building map, if only . . .

****( )

. . . it had another cool waterfront tavern on the other side.
Interesting layout with lots of cool details a clever (or mean) DM could exploit for his own purposes.
The opening to the water in the middle was a particularly nice touch. My players used it to great effect to inflitrate the structure with some levitation spells. They had a great time throwing various patrons and enemies into the drink.
More like this, Paizo.
Just make sure they're two-sided.

Front side ok

**( )( )( )

This will be a mantra for me. Why the blank side?
Why bother.
Sooooo many blank maps.

PFS intro III must have!


I run the PFS Intro series all the time and when I come to number three and can just whip out this map, a complicated map to draw is taken care of. Such a time saver and my players love it.



This is one of my go to maps for waterfront taverns or an inn in the poor district of any town or city. My players don't mind that I reuse it again since I have a couple inn maps that I frequently use. The cartography and illustration is high quality and the blank flip side is perfect for the open sea. Couple that side with the ship map pack and you'll be set for high seas adventure!

Nice Quality Product Damaged by Folding

***( )( )

The quality of this product is nice (its paper not battle-mat fyi) but I wish they had not folded it. I would have preferred a rolled mat that if I wanted it folded then I would have that option.

Other then that I am happy with it. It enhances the suspension of disbelief that I am always looking for in my game to get the players really emotionally involved. With this map pack and some peasant miniatures you can really get a good feel for the environment.

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