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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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The hills of California are full of gold! Can you be the prospector who claims the largest patch in motherlode territory? Roll your dice and stake your claim. Then keep rolling and watch your patch of land grow. But watch out! If you get too greedy you may bust, and lose everything you got this turn. Steal your opponents' land, and lock down your claim so they can't steal yours. If yours is the biggest patch of land at the end, you win!

How to Play
Each turn, players roll three dice to place a claim token on one space of a six by six grid. Two of the dice determine the row and column, and the third die gives the number of the claim token. The player may choose which die is used for which purpose. The same player may roll again, or he may stop and replace the claim tokens with tokens of his color, passing the dice and claim tokens to the next player.

If you roll a space where you already have a token, you may cover it with a black cap. These spaces may not be stolen by another player. If the combination of numbers you roll can't be used to place a marker, then you "bust", and all the claim tokens and black caps placed this round are lost.

The game ends after a player has a certain number of safe spaces (containing a black marker). Then each player gets one more turn, and the player with the largest connected group of spaces wins the game.

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