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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Wraith: The Oblivion—Dark Kingdom of Jade Adventures

Our Price: $15.00


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All is Well Within the Yellow Springs

Renegades ride a ghost ship across the Sea of Japan, wreaking bloody havoc on Imperial slavers. On the Spectre-haunted streets of Hiroshima, a deadly race is run for the ultimate weapon in the wars of the dead. In the heart of the Tempest, souls twisted into the guise of beasts roam the gardens of the Emperor's Menagerie. A mirror holds the key to escape from Hell, but a demon holds the mirror.

From the Heart of Hell to the Mekong Delta, nowhere is Safe.

Dark Kingdom of Jade Adventures explores the Jade Emperor's domains, where all is not as peaceful as the Emperor is told. Containing both settings and stories for Jade Kingdom chronicles, Dark Kingdom of Jade Adventures expands upon the original Dark Kingdom of Jade.

Dark Kingdom of Jade Adventures features:

The secrets of the Jade Palace itself, from the Fountain of Poets to the dreaded hive mind beneath the palace's flagstones New breeds of Spectres, and the ghosts spawned by the atomic bomb Adventures for those who wish to dare the Tempest, Saigon, Hiroshima or Hell itself...

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