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Forgotten Realms Novel: Daughter of the Drow Hardcover

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

List Price: $17.00

Sale Price: $12.75

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For thousands of years the drow have lived in darkness, virtually trapped in the vast caverns and endless tunnels of the Underdark by the limits of their magic.

Then Liriel Baenre, an adventurous young member of the privileged Menzoberranzan nobility, happens upon the Windwalker: an artifact that enables the wielder to carry magic usually limited to sites of power. With it, she can take her drow spells and magical items to the surface and, with all her dark elven powers intact, explore to her heart's content.

But Liriel is not the only one seeking this artifact. Fyodor, a young berserker warrior, sees in the Windwalker his only hope of controlling the ever-increasing power of his battle frenzies. Neither wizard nor warrior could begin to understand where their personal quests might lead.

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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****( )

I liked this book.

It's not unusual in the adventuring world for very disparate characters to come together for gold and glory, and although this is a tried plot, it is well done. The characters are interesting, especially the supporting cast. Many famous drow make an appearance in the book, and the plot is ripe with them ever trying to outdo each other. The male mages v. the female clerics of Llolth vying for control of the city plays out in the background, which I enjoyed more than the main plot of the characters fighting over the artifact. Of course the main characters are not left out of the schemes of the mages and clerics... This tie-in is also very well done. And of course, there are interesting monsters with their own goals and motives too. All this is painted across a vivid and very drow Mezzobaranzan, in which I think is the crown jewel of this novel.

The only thing that I didn't like about this book is that it never came to a complete finish, being something of a "to be continued". While this is OK, I'd like to know it before picking up the novel.

You will enjoy Elane Cunningham's writing and the story, but be forwarned that the ending isn't much of one. Gift Certificates
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