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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Prime Directive RPG: Prime Adventures 1

Our Price: $14.95


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Welcome to the first issue of Prime Adventures, the new journal/module series for players of Prime Directive!

This issue contains:

A preview of Empire of Steel, the Klingon Sourcebook, including details of Klingon Warrior Philosophies, the Klingon Berzerker skill and two exciting fiction stories! Sourcefiles for both the Gorns and the Lyrans, including the pulse-pounding tale of Tamzin's Test! Disputed Prize - Primes and Klingons hunt down a renegade spy in the Neutral Zone. Mind Games - San'var, the Vulcan Dark Path! The Deians - A new player character race! The Equipment Locker - Lotsa new toys! Two New Adventures - The Wandering Child and Code Name: Innuendo, the first solitaire adventure for Prime Directive! ... and more!

This issue also contains an insert - Detailed deck plans of a Tramp Steamer for use with the exciting adventure: The Wandering Child!

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