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Cyberpunk 2020 RPG: Cabin Fever

Our Price: $8.95


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Night City ... it's a nice place to visit, but don't breathe the air.

You're trapped in a tiny dive bar as a hideous toxic cloud blankets the entire neighborhood. The streets are filled with the dying gasps of hundreds. The windows are frosting over. And your partner has an itchy trigger finger and a taste for blood.

How long can you keep your cool?

Cabin Fever is a locked-room scenario for Cyberpunk, drawing upon the fear and paranoia of the PCs. In a mission gone awry, the characters find themselves trapped in a small all-night bar located in Night City's Marina district, where the only useful tools are a sharp mind and a sense of diplomacy. This adventure is especially effective medicine for players who are convinced that combat solves problems instead of creating them. Will your edgerunners keep their cool? or will they succumb to Cabin Fever?

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