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The Genius Guide to 110 Spell Variants—Volume 3 (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 1 rating)

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While there are a vast number of spells available in the game’s core rulebooks, many GMs and players have an insatiable desire for more options. In many cases it’s not necessary to create new spell options from scratch, as a few minor changes to an existing spell can create something with a very different feel or impact on game play. These spell variants are based on the idea that there are a lot of interesting effects you can make with fairly minor changes to how a spell works, or by combining effects of multiple spells, or a spell and magic item or even a class ability (preferably from a class not used in the campaign). While we have explored 220 variants in previous products (The Genius Guide to 100 Spell Variants, and The Genius Guide to Another 110 Spell Variants), there’s always room for more magic!

Some spell variants are common and fairly obvious, such as having an iceball spell that is simple fireball dealing cold damage. The following list of 110 spells variants are slightly more complex, and are designed to show how it’s possible to create new spells without too much work. One important tip is that when you base a new spell on an old one many details—such as its school, components, duration, and often even interaction with other spells—is already determined. Similarly, you can often create spells that have entirely new themes just by changing casting time and legal targets. This last trick is often a great way to make spells appropriate for new classes.

For example it’s fairly obvious a druid class shouldn’t have the haste spell on its spell list, but a new spell called pack tactics which acted like haste but could only be cast on creatures of the animal type is perfect for druids. And even better, you already know it’s about a 3rd level spell, since it doesn’t do anything the wizard haste spell doesn’t.

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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4.5 star review. Great product, minor editing errors


110 Spell Variants Vol 3 by Super Genius Games

This product is 14 pages long. It starts with a cover and Intro. (1 ½ pages)

Spell Lists (1 ½ pages)
Class spell list charts of the spells by class. As you can see from the list below the big winner this time is the Witch class. Below is a list of each class and how many spells they get.
Alchemist – 9
Anti-Paladin – 7
Bard – 19
Cleric – 27
Druid – 15
Inquisitor - 20
Magus - 16
Oracle – 2 (plus all the cleric ones)
Paladin – 11
Ranger – 9
Sorcerer – 1 (plus all the Wizard Spells)
Summoner – 5
Witch - 58
Wizard – 34

Variant Spells (10 pages)
These are existing spells tweaked so they work slightly differently. A few of my personal favorites follow.
Call Faithful – Like call animal spell but calls those of the same faith.
Close Boarder – Like Campfire Wall spell only with a much larger area covered.
Damsel – Similar to Gallant Inspiration, more limited in that it has to help the Witch or harm her foe, but effects more possible rolls.
Deplete – Like Expand but instead of spell like abilities it burns spell slots.
Distracting Dance – Like Frozen Note other than you do it with a dance and may take a move action each round to move as you dance around.
Ghost Step – Like Feather Step but you also don't set off traps if you step on them.
Ill Fortune – Like Ill Omen but what roll is effected can be changed each round.
Lure – Works like Piped Pipping except it works on anyone you have a focus from.
Oozify – like Fluid Form except it effects your familiar or Eidolon.
Outcast – Like Natures Exile but it effects how all Humanoids see the target.
Plague Vapor – Like Dust of Twilight but causes sicken and shaken effects instead.
Siren Song – Like Cacophonous Call only it makes the targets friendly towards you.
Transmogrify – Like Calcific Touch except does 1d4 con dmg and if con is reduced to 0 causes Baleful Polymorph.

It ends with a OGL and Credits. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. The art work is a mix of color and black and white, it ranges from ok to pretty good. Editing and layout is ok. I noticed a few minor mistakes like a extra , or such. I am unsure if they was meant to be or not but all the spells in the descriptions are number as well. Seemed odd to me to have the number next the spell name. There was a few spells I was meh about as to be expected. Most of them I liked to one degree or another. This might be the best one of the bunch to date. Though there was a couple of editing errors and then then numbers by the spell names. So what's my rating? I am going to give it a 4.5 star, take away the few editing errors and the numbers(they bugged me) by the spell names and it would be worthy of a 5 star for the price.

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Our Price: $3.99

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