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The Secrets of the Gunslinger (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 4 ratings)

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You do not aim with your hand.

The Secrets of the Gunslinger offers 4 new archetypes, 30 new feats and one new monster template so that the vision you have of your gunslinger can easily be obtained an explored. It offers the Buccaneer of the Black Powder, so you can embrace the golden age of piracy; The Fire Artist which embraces the eastern traditon of marital arts and firearms; The Hexslinger bringing you a bit of flavor from the wierd west, and the Wandslinger for those campaign settings that don't have or allow firearms. The Gunslinger Wraith is a new monster template that focuses on an accursed firearm that continues to bring a soul back from beyond the grave, with a with ammunition that saps the lifeforce from its targets at range.

Brought to you by the same designer of the critically acclaimed The Secrets of the Luckbringer and The Book of Monster Templates, The Secrets of the Gunslinger gives you a host of new options to create the type of gunslinger you want to play without breaking the game.

Get yours today!

Author: Steven D. Russell
Cover Illustration: Public Domain
Pages: 10

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***** (based on 4 ratings)

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Gunslingers Galore


This was amazing, just the Wandslinger alone made this PDF worth it. The feats were all good (I really loved the ones based around Pistol Whipping people.) I also thought the Monster Template: Gunslinger Wraith was very well done. Buccaneer of the Black Powder "Arrrrr" I love how it works.

If you have a Gunslinger this is well worth it it adds to your selection, if your GM hates Guns have him look at the Wandslinger it is a good compromise.

It was well put together, the mechanics work, and it adds to the Gunslinger in a good way.

My Rating since I can't give it a 4.5 I'll bump up since it has seen use at my table already.

Everything You Need for a Gunslinger


The Secrets of the Gunslinger is an all around, value adding Pathfinder supplement adding to the gunslinger class found within Ultimate Combat from Paizo Publishing. Instead of focusing on a single aspect of this new character class, the supplement expands upon multiple aspects, providing loads of new material for players and GMs to choose from. The Secrets of the Gunslinger is the perfect companion to the gunslinger class.


If you plan on playing a gunslinger, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want The Secrets of the Gunslinger. It takes the basic options and template and expands upon them for the purpose of creating even more unique characters and allowing player characters to properly distinguish themselves form their compatriots, especially if they too are gunslingers. There’s even an archetype for worlds without gunpowder so they too can use the gunslinger mechanics.


Publication Quality: 9 out of 10
Rite Publishing has established a good quality publication template seen before with The Secrets of the Gunslinger following suit. There are some excellent public domain illustrations depicting some classic-themed pirates/privateers to correspond with the theme of the supplement.

Mechanics: 10 out of 10
Considering all the mechanics are designed around the gunslinger character class, the entire supplement successfully presents a host of new options to correspond with the core mechanics. In addition, the archetypes and feats present a number of new ideas to correspond with the gun-toting hero that can use a gun like a ranger uses his bow.

Value Add: 10 out of 10
The Secrets of the Gunslinger is the perfect add-on to Ultimate Combat’s gunslinger class. In addition, there is the monster template for GMs to use besides simply creating gunslinger humanoid NPCs. From cover to cover, this supplement is filled with valuable mechanics.

Overall: 10 out of 10
A definite must have for any gunslinger character. New archetypes presenting not only the new templates, but interesting directions to take the gunslinger class. New feats to round out the options available to the characters along with creating new potential for settings that directly incorporate these types of characters. It’s truly the companion to the gunslinger class.

One does not aim with the eyes!


This pdf is 15 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 2 pages of advertisements and 1 page SRD, leaving 10 pages of new content for the gunslinger. Locked and loaded?

I have to come clear with you. I love the Gunslinger-class. Even if the rest of Ultimate Combat was a festering pile of crap (which it isn't, though it's a bit subpar for me), I would still have bought the book. Why? Because I'm a raging Roland of Gilead fanboy. The Dark Tower Saga with its stunning conclusion ranks among my favorite works of fiction and black-powder-using characters, from musketeers to swashbuckling pirates have long been a staple in my homebrews. My own solutions to the special qualities of guns (making them essentially unstable, but very lethal - I used exploding dice) provided ample fun for my roleplaying group and the complaining on the boards about explosions, unreliable weapons etc. is something I simply don't get. For me, that's the point. The release of the gunslinger saw the awesome grit-mechanic which felt like a godsend to me: Especially the dramatic action-grit-regain rule is an awesome tool for the DM to exercise a limited control over the grit available while at the same time providing an awesome in-game incentive for the player to go beyond "I shoot foe X" and rather fight cinematically. That being said, I'm very glad that quality-3pps have taken it upon themselves to expand the options for the new gunslinger-class and was thus looking especially forward to reading this particular pdf. Without further ado, let's check it out!

Ahrrhhhh, me hearties, thar first be introduced to tha archetypes and tha buccaneer of black powder - a swashbuckling, gangrenous sea-dog o' tha meanest kind. Though tha buccaneer may be not as fidgety like a monkey in tha trees, old salts know where to put tha lead when tha scurvy land-lubbers step out of bounds. Dontcha quiver at my reputation, ya sniveling squeaker, I know me's a good intimidating bastard, but just ask the wenches in any port, I always care for tha ladies and in no bar brawl have I hurt a wench...but plenty of other sea-dogs. Ahrrh, mah rum's empty, tell ya what, get me some more, will ya? And who's you? You're from the lands of jade, aren't ya?
(The buccaneer gets rogue tricks, social skill bonuses, can exploit hindered enemies, grants morale bonuses and is a master of improvised weapon fighting.)

Indeed, like the dragonfly taking flight for another lily-pond, I have ventured far from my ancestor's lands to perfect my studies as a fire-artist, for while you only dabble in the true power and enlightenment offered by the way of the gun, I have devoted my studies to the perfection of my mind and body - and as a result, my aim is like a calm sea: I can see the currents beneath the surface. Have you seen the hole in the warehouses walls? Your accuracy may be fine, but if I choose so, my shots can be just as efficient and cover an area similar to one of your ship's cannons, leaving a path through any line of foes. But I sense a presence over there...lass, you do have a...distinct presence.

(The fire-artist gains zen-like abilities, gun-kata-style abilities and a cool final ability that hits all foes in a line up to a certain distance, ref negates)

....I usually wouldn't speak up. But since you asked. They tried to burn me at the stake more than once. Ignorance breeds fear and my bullets not only penetrate the flesh, but also a target's soul, cursing any who stand against me. My...abilities, similar to what you'd consider a witches arts, also perpetuate these unfortunate incidents. You see, sometimes silence is golden.

(Hexslingers get access to hexes and the ability curse their targets with curse-descriptor spells.)

You are all somewhat spoiled by the ready availability of black powder in your lands, fellow adherents to the way of the gun. The benevolent, but conservative master of my land abhors black powder and has subsequently banned all such weapons from our lands. But necessity breeds ingenuity and, while more modified than your specific paths, we have found our own way to the arts you adhere to - we are wandslingers, following a similar path to yours that is nevertheless different from your respective takes by focusing on wands. But enough about our differences, here's to our common discipline! While we're waiting for our beverages, what special tricks have you acquired during your travels?
(The wandslinger is the most complex of the 4 new archetypes, coming with 5 new deeds as well as rules for using wands with the gunslinger base-mechanic - cool idea for black-power-less campaigns. The restrictions imposed on wands as well as the smart, yet easy to grasp design make sure that the wandslinger remains a balanced character choice, while maintaining the unique mechanics of the gunslinger base-class.)

After these 4 archetypes, we are introduced to a variety of new feats and they don't disappoint - from the option to dabble in gunslinging via Amateur Gunslinger, to signature weapons and specially anointed ammunition to wildly riocheting shots and even the option to cause misfires to deflecting melee attacks with shots - many of the iconic feats we know from literature and cinema can now be accomplished by gunslingers via their grit. This includes the ability to accurately perceive firearms (a kind of bodyguard's/bad-asses glance), a special attack against foes (or oneself) that acts as a kind of lesser coup-de-grace, the ability to deliver shots that disfigure your foe (grudge-battles, here we go) to an epic feat that lets you take one last shot to turn the tide of battle when you die to the extremely iconic ranged kata and pistol whip feats to the ability to, yes shoot bullets (and other ranged attacks) out of the air and the iconic western-stare-down at high noon, we get a vast variety of cool feats that ooze both style and utility.

"Interesting tricks" said the mysterious woman who had been rather reluctant to chime in prior to the direct address of the fire-artist, but I have to go now. You see, there is a gunslinger out there whose anger has surpassed even death and he's supposed to be out there...perhaps looking for the likes of us. And we provide a tempting target with our little chat. With these words, she left and a scarce 20 heartbeats later, a shot echoed through the night. But whose name the bullet bore, none knows.

Finally, the beleaguered DMs out there gets the Gun Wraith (CR+2) template to add to NPCs and monsters, for those cases where you just need an undead, gunslinging monstrosity.

Conclusion in the product discussion.

Quickie Review


Well, Paizo's Messageboards apparently hate me. I had written this really awesome, in-depth review and now it's gone. So here's a quickie review

Four of them. One's a dirty-fighting pirate, one's an eastern-style gun master, one learns hexes and shoots curses, and one trades all the gun stuff for wand stuff. Wandslinger's very cool, if a bit complicated. Other then that, they're all solid.

Content - 5/5
Mechanics - 4/5 (There are several small oversights that ruin the feel, such as the Buccaneer's familiar).

LOTS of new feats; all of them Grit feats. They range in usefulness, but they're all thematically cool. It's very clear that the Rule of Cool trumps the Rule of Cheese here, which is always nice to see. Some of the feats have funky wording, but for the most part it's harmless. There's nothing in here that your Gunslinger will die without, and I think that's a good thing.

Content - 4/5 (There are a couple of silly feats, in my opinion, like the one where you shoot someone that's trying to grapple or disarm you and you add the damage to your CMD. That's a little too good.)
Mechanics - 3/5 (There are several poorly worded feats, but it's not so bad that it'll frustrate you. Just take your time and read over things several times.)

There's a new monster. It's called the Gunslinger Wraith. It's a temple that you apply to a recently killed Gunslinger under certain conditions, and they rise from the dead to get revenge. Very cool weird wild west feel. Makes for a great, triumphant bad guy return. Pretty well balanced, but like with any template, think twice before giving it to players. Also, I don't like that there's no quick template.

Content - 5/5
Mechanics - 4/5

Totally worth the buy if you're a Gunslinger fan!

Overall Score - 4/5

EDIT: Rite Publishing has just updated the PDF. Scanning through it to most of the archetypes / feats with mechanical errors or awkward language, they've all been corrected. In light of all the changes and fixes, I'm bumping up the score to a 5/5. This is truly a must-buy product now if you consider yourself a Gunslinger. Gift Certificates
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