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You may have reams of paper monsters to menace your fantasy world, but where are the heroes?

Battle! Studio Paper Minis: Elven Adventurers is a collection of 20 easy-to-build paper gaming miniatures, featuring a variety of elven heroes! Buyers need not fear for any lack of longbows and leaves, but there are also a number of unique and colorful characters to inspire players and game masters alike with new ideas.

Each paper mini comes in two different color variations, as well as a line-art only version, so that you can color them yourself if you so desire. Provided as a high quality 300dpi PDF and scaled at the 1 inch to 5 feet scale used by the world’s most popular fantasy role playing games, they are drawn with just enough detail that all the elements of their design are visible, even when printed and standing an inch high.

As a player, you can use them as you would a sculpted miniature, finding one that best represents your character and coloring it to match—or you could peruse the minis and find one you like, using it as inspiration for a new character. As a GM, you instantly have a large cast of visually unique NPCs that your players will recognize on sight—even if they don’t remember their names! For more fun, you can assign miniatures to your players randomly and have them build characters around whichever ones they end up with!

At about 7 cents a mini, this is a value you should be physically incapable of missing out on! Download your copy today!

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 3 ratings)

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Elven Heroes!


What can I say. Another great set of characters with personality.

(OK, one of my characters showed up as a mini I'm biased).

But these fit well with the other PF and B!S minis and this gives you a horde of choices for your games.

Get it now.

More Awesome Minis!


The Battle Studio has been consistently creating really wonderful minis. I love the Pathfinder Paper Mini Line, but the one thing left out are paper minis for Players. Tim is not only filling that gap, but he's has a fun and unified look for all the PC and additional NPC's. And his anime style for the characters is just perfect.

And for the price? How can you not get these.

Great work Tim.

Not bad for a buck-fifty.

****( )

There are several exotic looking elves in this set, but mostly due to their weapon selections. The color palettes are a bit flat, but it fits the style which is highly reminiscent of early Mega Man games from the NES era. (This is a good thing to my mind.)

I count 20 different characters, each with two color palettes, all of which are appealing. My only gripe is what I assume to be an alchemist elf. The syringe-spear is a bit much, and he's rocking a Dr. Horrible getup.

Four stars. :)