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The GOLD Guide to Competitive Gaming

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The GOLD Guide to Competitive Gaming is a collection of gaming essays aimed at giving GMs and players of many different games an array of perspectives on being a good GM or player, tips on world-building and scenario writing, ideas for using pre-generated adventures and campaign settings, and how RPGs and acting or screenwriting can intersect. The contributors touch on a number of genres, and even different types of gaming—including LARPs and table-top miniature games.

In addition to their essay, each contributor will also be supplying 2 to 4 adventure seeds that can be used in a variety of genres and game systems, making the book useful at the game table as well.

The GOLD Guide is a joint effort between 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming and GOLD. If you haven't seen GOLD season 1 or Night of the Zombie King then we strongly encourage you to visit the website and watch the series. GOLD is to tabletop RPGs as The Guild is to MMORPGs. As a collaborative effort, we wanted the guide to have an "in universe" feel to it, and as such, there will be two essays included that are attributed to two characters from the series—Jonathan Drake and Richard Wright.

Contributors include:

  • Ben Dobyns - executive producer of JourneyQuest for Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
  • Chris Hussey - fear the boot podcast
  • Chris Kluwe - punter for the Minnesota Vikings
  • David Nett - producer/writer/actor for GOLD
  • Ed Greenwood - creator of the Forgotten Realms
  • Jay Peters - ENnies judge in 2010
  • Jeff Greiner - Host of The Tome Show
  • Jennifer Brozek - 2011 ENnie winner for Shanghai Vampocalypse
  • Matthew Mercer - voice actor, including Tygra in the new ThunderCats
  • Mike Bourke - blogger,
  • Monte Cook - co-creator of D&D 3.0
  • Rick Robinson - actor in GOLD
  • Ryan Costello, Jr. - Host of Know Direction podcast
  • The Secret DM - blogger,
  • Tracy Hurley - blogger,
  • And several more!

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