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Pathfinder Battles Ongoing Case Subscription

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Unleash the hordes onto your gaming table with Pathfinder Battles! This exciting prepainted miniatures line from Paizo and WizKids adds three-dimensional style to your Pathfinder adventures. Based on the imagery found in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Campaign Setting, these beautiful figures are sure to enhance your collection and gaming experience.

Because each set has a slightly different miniature count, premium miniature option, and price, Paizo will contact you before a new set ships to give you a chance to adjust your orders to your collecting needs.

With your ongoing Pathfinder Battles subscription, we'll send you each new installment and charge your payment method automatically as we ship each product. You only need to sign up once, and never need to worry about renewal notice or missed products.

Aside from receiving the latest sets of fantastic figures, you'll also receive the following benefits:

  • A 30% discount off of the MSRP of each Builder Series, Encounter Packs, Iconic Sets, previously released sets (including boosters, bricks, and cases)
  • A 30% discount off of the MSRP of limited-edition exclusive miniatures not included as part of the Pathfinder Battles subscription
  • A 30% discount off of the MSRP of all Pathfinder Battles singles sold on
  • Access to limited-edition case premium miniatures at 75% off of the MSRP (limited to one premium per case ordered)

By starting a Pathfinder Battles subscription, each release will be automatically bundled with any other Paizo subscription items you're subscribed to releasing in the same month.

When you start an ongoing subscription, any existing preorders for products covered by that subscription are automatically cancelled (or have their quantity reduced by one if you've preordered more than one of an item).

Have more questions about subscriptions? Check the Paizo Subscriptions FAQ for more details.

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in stock Pathfinder Battles—Crown of Fangs Case
with Pathfinder Battles—Crown of Fangs: Court of the Crimson Throne

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Last updated: September 13, 2011.

General Questions

I don't want to buy a whole case. Can I subscribe for a number of boosters, or a number of bricks?

At this time, Pathfinder Battles subscriptions are offered as cases only.

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Can I choose to receive multiple cases in my subscription?

Yes! When you create a susbcription, you'll be able to specify the number of cases you'd like to receive.

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Can I change the number of cases in my subscription?

You can change that number at any time, so long as it remains 1 or more! Note: Once your subscription order has been finalized for shipment any changes you make to your subscription will go into effect with the next release unless you contact customer service.

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What are case premiums? Do I have to buy them?

Case premiums are special figures normally offered to customers who preorder a full case of a given release by a specific cutoff date. Your Pathfinder Battles subscription gives you the option to purchase up to one case premium for each case you purchase, at 75% off the price offered to non-subscription preorder customers. You are not required to buy the case premium.

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Can I buy multiple case premiums if I subscribe with multiple cases?

Yes. You'll have the option to purchase up to one case premium for each case you purchase as part of your subscription.

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If I subscribe am I guaranteed a case premium?

When you sign up for a subscription, you can specify how many case premiums you want shipped as part of your subscription. You will also be offered the option to preorder a case premium; if you choose not to preorder it, you may not have the ability to purchase it after the set is released.

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What are Encounter Packs? Can I subscribe to them?

Encounter Packs feature visible non-random assortments of figures. They are not offered as part of the subscription, but for each case shipped as part of a subscription, subscribers will get a discount code good for 20% off of our price of one Encounter Pack or Builder Series Display.

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What are Builder Series Minis?

Builder Series minis present small themed sets of figures, some repaints and some all-new, at a low price point suitable for amassing armies of minis. They're not part of the Pathfinder Battles subscription, but Pathfinder Battles case subscribers may use their Encounter Pack/Builder Series discount codes on them.

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I'm a Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. Does the Pathfinder Advantage discount apply to Pathfinder Battles miniatures?

Yes... but note that the Pathfinder Advantage is a discount off of list price, so if other discounts—including subscriber discounts—are greater than the Pathfinder Advantage discount, you get the greater discount instead. (Essentially, the Pathfinder Advantage doesn't stack with other discounts.)

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Will I always get the same number of minis in a case?

No. The number of miniatures will vary from set to set.

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Will a case always be the same price?

No. The case price will vary from set to set.

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Can you guarantee I will get a full set?

As with any randomized product, collation is not guaranteed. However, for each set, we will do our best to provide an estimates of the number of cases needed to get a nearly complete set of figures. (For the Heroes & Monsters set, one case should net a nearly complete set.)

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Does the number of cases needed to get most of a full set vary?

Because the number of miniatures in each set and the number of miniatures in each case may change from set to set, the number of cases you'll need to get most of a full set may also change from set to set.

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How often will new sets be released?

At this time, there's no fixed schedule, but we hope to be able to release at least a couple of sets each year.

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When will my credit card be charged for the case(s) in my subscription?

As with any of our subscriptions or preorders, we only charge your card when the product ships. About a week before we ship your order, we will send you an email describing your upcoming subscription shipment. We will also attempt to authorize a charge against your credit card at this time, and will let you know by email if there are any problems with your payment method.

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Will Pathfinder Battles minis be released at the same time as Paizo's monthly releases?

WizKids sets their own release dates, and they may or may not coincide with Paizo's monthly release dates. You'll be able to decide whether you want us to ship your minis as soon as they're avaialble, or to hold them until your next Paizo shipment is ready.

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Will the case and case premium be shipped at the same time?

Barring unforseen circumstances, they should usually ship at the same time. Note that they may not ship in the same package if it's cheaper to send you multiple packages.

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I've already preordered a case, and I'd like to subscribe. How do I make sure I don't get shipped more than I want?

When you start an ongoing subscription, any existing case preorders for products covered by your subscription are automatically cancelled (or, if you've preordered more cases than you choose to subscribe to, the preorder will be reduced by the number of cases you chose to subscribe to).

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Can I sign up for the subscription at any time?

You can sign up for the subscription at any time, and you'll usually be able to choose to start your subscription with either the most recent set or the next upcoming set. However, if we no longer have case premiums to offer for the most recent set, you'll only be able to start with the next upcoming set.

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When do my subscription benefits begin?

When your subscription order ships from our warehouse, we'll send a shipping confirmation email that includes one discount code for 20% off our price on one Pathfinder Battles Encounter Pack for each case shipped as part of your subscription. Your 20% discount on loose, unboxed single Pathfinder Battles miniatures does not require a code; it's automatically applied as long as the most recent Pathfinder Battles case has been shipped to you as part of your subscription (or is in your sidecart waiting to ship with your monthly shipment). Any loose, unboxed single Pathfinder Battles miniatures ordered at the same time as your subscription, and any orders placed before your first subscription case has shipped, do not qualify for the discount.

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When will a list of minis be available for a given set?

We'll add previews of minis to each set's product page leading up to the release of a set. The full list will generally be released shortly before the release date.

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How much will shipping be?

As with everything on, shipping will vary based on the exact contents, destination, and shipping method chosen. The best way to find out how much shipping will cost is to add things to yor cart and begin the checkout process. You'll see an estimated shipping cost before you commit to purchasing. Also, your My Subscriptions page will show you our current best estimates for upcoming subscription shipments. (Future subscription shipments are always estimates because they're subject to change until the order ships. For example, if you change the number of cases in your subscription, or you alter the shipping address or shipping method, or you add other products to your sidecart so they ship at the same time as your subscription, your estimated shipping cost may change.)

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I'm outside of the US. Will I be charged customs fees?

Because such fees vary based on destination and order contents, Paizo does not calculate or compensate for any customs fees, duties, or taxes charged to the recipient. Questions regarding a specific country's customs fees should be directed to that country's customs office. Any customs fees are the responsibility of the recipient. Pathfinder Battles products will be labeled "Toys/Figures" on customs forms.

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What do I do if a miniature(s) in my case arrives broken, missing pieces or is otherwise defective?

Wizkids Support is taking care of Pathfinder Battles Miniatures issues. Their website is:

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I'm a Pathfinder Superscriber or a Paizo Superscriber. Do I need to subscribe to Pathfinder Battles to keep my Superscriber tag on the messageboards?

No. Because this is line is produced by WizKids under license, we don't require that you subscribe to it to keep your superscriber tag.

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