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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle—A Player's Guide to the Jyhad

Our Price: $7.95


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From the pyramids of Egypt to the skyscapers of New York City, the Jyhad has wracked the world for eons. The most powerful vampires the Earth has ever known have turned human civiliazation into thier plaything and even their own Kindred become fodder for their battles.

Now you too can manilpulate the world for you own nefarious ends. Take on the role of a Methuselah, the true powers behind the scenes and one of the ancient descendants of Caine. The Eternal Struggle brings the Jyhad card game to life and helps you experience all the thrills of this ages-old war.

The Eternal Struggle includes:

Rules clarifications and a strategy guide to Jyhad A guide to the World of Darkness Fiction by some of White Wolf's top authors

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