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Bullet Points: 3 Simian Races (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Sometimes rules supplements read like the world-setting bible of frustrated novelists. Although solid world-building is a useful skill, you don’t always need four paragraphs of flavor text to tell you swords are cool, magic is power, shadows are scary, and orcs are savage. Sometimes a GM doesn’t have time to slog through a page of history for every magic weapon. Sometimes all that’s needed are a few cool ideas, with just enough information to use them in a game. Sometimes, all you need are bullet points.

#1 With A Bullet Point is a line of very short, cheap PDFs, and each one gives the bare bones of a set of related options. It might be five spells, six feats, eight magic weapon special abilities, or any other short set of related rules we can cram into about a page. Short and simple, these PDFs are for GMs and players who know how to integrate new ideas into their campaigns without any hand holding—they just need fresh ideas and the rules to support them. No in-character fiction setting the game world. No charts and tables. No sidebars of explanations and optional rules. Just one sentence of explanation for the High Concept of the PDF, then bullet points.

The High Concept: All the rules you need to add three new fantasy simian races to your campaign, in whatever capacity you want them.

The races included are:

  • The Mangani: a powerful race of gorilla-like warriors.
  • The Shift: an eldritch race of cunning ape-men who can take on human appearance.
  • The Wukong: a race of sentient, sapient monkeys with the power of speech and hands capable of fine manipulation.

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Yes...We Have No Bananas


3 Simian Races gives us the standard format for the #1 With a Bullet Point, three pages consisting of a cover/intro page, the meat of the PDF, and the OGL.

The particular meat of this PDF is nothing short of prime steak. The Mangani honor Edgar Rice Burroughs, bringing his apes to the Pathfinder game setting with well balanced mechanics to explain their enhanced strength without leaving them over-powered.

Next up in this Simian feast are the Shift, my least favorite of the three, but still a solid addition. Those looking for shape shifting races will find plenty of potential in this race, although I think the limit of only human for an alternate form may be a little strict. I do like the idea of using the race as a way for the Gorilla king to keep tabs on the human courts surrounding his lands though...hhhmmmmm...

Which brings me to the third race, the Wukong...a most worthy homage to not only the Monkey King of legend, but to the overwhelming amount of intelligent "chimps" we've seen throughout stories for generations. The fact that the prehensile toes were remembered, nice touch, and a fair trade of how much usage they would actually give.

The two new feats round this out with excellent addition, giving us
Brachiate - Climb Speed
Prehensile Tail - balanced rules to make both PC's and GM's smile

Have already written up an encounter featuring a Wukong Witch Doctor and his Mangani guardians...have a feeling the fur is going to fly, and my PC's are going to learn to hate the jungles...



This is my first written review and it is about one of my favorite topics...Monkeys. The total page count was three pages with page two having the three races and two feats, last page being OGL and Credits.

This gorilla like race is the toughest of the three with 2 physical bonuses and 2 mental penalties. Though it is not game breaking they are kind of driven to fighter types.

Ape-men shape shifters love the concept, the only problem I had is that their man form ability does not say whether or not they get just one human form or is it changeable much like disguise self. Other than that very playable.

My favorite of the three I love the reference to the Monkey King in the race name. Between prehensile toes and the tail racial traits gave the race a lot of role play potential.

The feats were well balanced and fit with the three races listed.

My overall rating 5 stars I would love to see more races done like this. Gift Certificates
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