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Forgotten Encounters: Urban (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Forgotten Encounters: Urban is the third release in the Forgotten Encounters line that provides gamemasters with five encounters or side-quests featuring the monstes from the extremely popular Forgotten Foes.

In this issue we feature encounters with devil dolls, ravids, junk elementals, grigs and hydrodaemons with cameos from kamadans, greed dragons, and fiendish giant dire frogs. Additionally they are tokens for all the encounters, a legendary dagger, updated urban magic and a city magic school of wizardry.

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Cool encounters...packed with material!


Before reading my review, you should probably know that I've been collaborating with the great guys at Purple Duck Games on several projects and that I received a free copy of this product (If I remember correctly). However, I have nothing invested in this product and feel that I can speak freely.

The Encounter Pages products have always been some of my favorite. They are extremely useful for the GM, has lots of inspiring ideas and even better, plenty of monsters and other goodies. Most of the time, these products even has some cool material for the players, and this product is no different.

So what do you get? Well, first of all, you get five encounters centered around such creatures as the grigs, hydrodaemons and my favorite, the junk elemental. Some of these encounters are a little too whacky for me, like the 'The Haunted Organ', but then there are the really cool ones like the 'Lurkers in the Pool' and 'When Good Loot Goes Bad'. The latter is a small looting encounter based around a junkyard where the PCs are looking for a wand for a mage. This encounter actually feels like it could spark other adventures, and while it is centered around a junk elemental, the author also introduces a greed dragon which could pose a second problem/threat for the PCs.

The encounters are short and easy to use. They also come with stats for the important monster (in the encounter itself), but you'll find the rest of the critters in the back, fully statted and ready to use. This is pretty cool and make for an awesome product in itself. But not only that, you also get 2 feats (nothing special, though), a legendary weapon (blade of aristocrats, which is pretty cool), 9 new spells, 2 magical items and the best thing in this product... a new Wizard school, the City Magic school. I didn't find any balancing issues with any of these and the monsters you already know, from Tricky Owlbear's Forgotten Foes.

Overall, this is an awesome product, packed with cool encounters, but also packed with new options for the players. I would have bought this product for the player options alone.

Some nice encounters


Forgotten Encounters: Urban by Purple Duck Games

This product is 17 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and ToC. (1 pages)

Encounters (8 pages)
There is five encounters each using one of the monsters from Forgotten Foes monster book by Tricky Owlbear Publishing. Each one comes with a location, whats going on, complications, advice how to expand the encounter, and a full stat block of the creature.
The Doll – CR2 Encounter with a Devil Doll. Lots of RPing, very nice.
The Snake in the Box – Ravid CR6 hard to explain but well done. Possibly very amusing.
The Haunted Organ – Grig CR3, Just like it sounds, have to deal with a haunted organ... sorta.
Lurkers in the Pool – Hydrodaemon CR8, something is in the water at the local bath house.
When Good Loot Goes Bad – Junk Elemental CR10. Hired to find a lost wand the PC's end up at a junk yard.

Additional Material (8 page)
There is two new feats, one new legendary item(noble dagger), Six full stat blocks of monsters to go along with the encounters as options, one full stat block NPC, Eight new spells all urban focused, two new magic items, and a new wizard school of sorts. City Magic, it is based on a wizard that learns magic from a city and gets a connection to urban settings.

Closing thoughts. The art is black and white and pretty good all and all, Editing and layout was well done. This one does not have a OGL, instead the OGL is a attached file in the zip file. Done for ease of printing. There is also a full set of paper tokens to be printed out for the monsters in the book. The encounters range from very well done to just pretty good, really the only one I was even remotely meh on was the Lurkers in the Pool, the rest where all very well done. I liked the new weapon, the stat blocks for NPC's and monsters was handy, the eight new spells where pretty interesting, the feats, magic items and City Magic where ok. They was solid but I wasn't blown away by them either.

So what's my rating? Well the encounters where on the whole very well done and most of the other material was as well. I didn't notice any obvious errors. So I am going to give this one a 5 star, if the topic interest you then I recommend picking it up.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

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