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Oytughnomicon: Northern Waste Otyugh (PFRPG) PDF

****( ) (based on 4 ratings)

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When I was a little kid, my brother introduced me to the game of Dungeons and Dragons. The local Co-Op has the Basic Game box set as well as a host of D&D action figures and toys. One of the toys that I was allowed to buy was a bendy Neo-Otyugh. Since those young days, the otyugh has always been my favourite monster of the Dungeons and Dragons and now Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. So it is with great joy that I release: Otyughnomicon: Northern Waste Otyugh!

This product contains the northern waste creature temple, two templated otyughs [aberration and magical beast versions], a barbarian tribal otyugh, a bear shaman otyugh, six associated spells, an otyugh bloodline for sorcerers (with their associated spells). As usually, this release contains new art from Michael Scotta and tokens for all the northern waste otyugh and a handful of polar bears.

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****( ) (based on 4 ratings)

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****( )

Before reading my review, you should probably know that I've been collaborating with the great guys at Purple Duck Games on several projects and that I received a free copy of this product. However, I have nothing invested in this product and feel that I can speak freely.

So, an otyughnomicon? Yeah, that's a new word for me as well. I certainly know the otyugh, I mean, who doesn't, but what type of a book is this otyughnomicon?

Well, the pdf presents the reader with a new type of otyugh, called the Northern Waste Otyugh. It is basically an otyugh that has learned to survive the many challenges of the far north, it has sort of adapted to this environment. We also get a template called the Northern Waste Template, which makes it possible to add this northern waste flavor to any corporeal creature. Such a creature gains the cool ability to walk on ice as if it had the spider climb ability, but also gets an icy touch and is constantly covered in a mini-blizzard that gives it concealment and damages surrounding creatures. This template is pretty cool and certainly adds a lot of northern waste power and flavor to a creature.

The pdf also presents us with a lot of northern waste otyughs, in fact, we are given a whole tribe of them. It's always nice to have various levels of power to choose from, but I really missed a general overview of this tribe, all we get are 5 lines of description. It would have been really cool to see how the authors envisioned such a tribe, how do they interact, what are their purpose and just what does it mean to be a tribe of otyughs?

Next we get 6 spells with some icy flavor, of these only one of them really intrigued me, the Meld Into Ice spell. The rest seemed pretty logical and balanced, but nothing too exciting. Then comes a sorcerer bloodline... the Otyugh Bloodline. This is pretty strange, for one, the bloodline arcana allows you to move you eyes on stalks (which basically means that your opponents who flanks you gets no bonuses). You also exude the odor of a midden, grow a tentacle (that gives you added reach), makes you a carrier of disease and lastly, makes you the King of the Heap! This bloodline is filled with flavor, but also makes you wonder how otyughs have sex! Good stuff. And did I remember to say that the bloodline also introduces 6 new spells?

Honestly, while there is a lot to like and enjoy in this pdf, I would have liked it to be more like an ecology of the northern waste otyugh, with information that explains what such a creature is. I did enjoy the short discussion in the beginning of the pdf, which discusses whether an otyugh should be considered an aberration or a magical beast. I can certainly see the authors point that it should probably be a magical beast, but to me it has always been the creation of a mage (who needed some...thing to take care of his waste), which makes it closer to an aberration, in my mind. For the shear amount of cool crunch in this one (although I lacked some fluff), I am going to settle on a verdict of 4 stars.

A filthy creature made fun

****( )

It’s never been said (insofar as I’m aware) but I’m of the opinion that the otyugh was created either to fill an ecological niche in the game world (as to what cleans up the poo of dungeon-dwelling monsters) or as a nasty surprise when the PCs actually stop to go to the bathroom. Either way, they seemed like a monster that was fairly one-dimensional for what they offered. Mark Gedak and Stefen Styrsky, however, are determined to prove otherwise with their Otyughnomicon series of releases. In this case, we look at the Northern Waste Otyugh.

This book is a short one, being eight pages long (albeit with a six-page OGL listing, thoughtfully included as a separate file). Despite its brevity, full nested bookmarks are present, and copy-and-paste is enabled. There’s only one illustration here, a black and white picture of an icy otyugh, but the pages have a light tentacle in the background, and there are tokens of said otyugh (and, somewhat oddly, a polar bear).

After a quick introduction, the book tackles a topic that’s clearly dear to the authors’ hearts – should the otyugh be an aberration, or a magical beast? The rules say the former, while the authors clearly think the latter. As such, the first sample otyugh for the template (see below) is reproduced twice, once as an aberration otyugh, and once as a magical beast otyugh – all further otyughs in the book are magical beasts.

In all honesty, I don’t necessarily disagree with the reasoning given in this book, but I think that there’s something of a missed opportunity here. If you’re writing your own version of something you disagree with, you should introduce it in-game as something new! Perhaps the magical beast otyughs are a new breed that are edging out their aberration forefathers (in that case, you could even call them…neo-otyughs).

Following this is the new Northern Waste Creature template. It’s a fairly simplistic template (though not a simple template, in Pathfinder parliance), and does a good job of making a creature into an arctic counterpart, though I question the decision not to add the cold subtype.

After the two sample otyughs (and a new variant disease, frost fever, to offset the usual filth fever), we then get a sample tribe of northern waste otyughs – only the two leaders are outlined, as most of the tribe are typical specimens, whereas the leaders have class levels. I wish some attempt, no matter how small, had been made to give us some flavor text about these individuals, as they’re presented only as stat blocks. Another missed opportunity.

Six new icy-themed spells are provided then, though the majority of these seem to be cold variants of existing spells (e.g. hibernate instead of sleep, ice shape instead of stone shape, etc.). I don’t necessarily dislike spells that are variants of other spells, and these did a fairly good job differentiating themselves. But it was the next section that was magical.

The authors note that one of their fans made, on their facebook page, a comment about the sex lives of otyughs. Would that that fan had remained silent, and we’d have been spared the thought of what sort of union would produce the otyugh sorcerer bloodline. The bloodline is just as disgusting as its parentage, and I foresee some truly nauseating villains using it (as well as some gross PCs). Several new spells are presented as part of the bloodline spells, and these were much more inspiring. Spells to curse the land (with disease, undead, etc.), make a creature a disease carrier, or even cause an epidemic, are very much in the theme of the otyugh.

Overall, this is a good book if you’re a fan of the otyugh, but it could have been more. What’s here is solid work, but a little more polish could have made it great. Who are these northern waste otyugh leaders? What makes aberration otyughs different from magical beast otyughs? Still, these oversights don’t diminish what’s here, which are some great options for icy otyughs and those of otyugh ancestry. Pick this book up, and let these otyughs give your PCs all sorts of crap to deal with!

The Otyugh-bloodline rocks - cool creature

****( )

This installment of the Otyughnomicon-series is 8 pages long, 1 page of which is devoted to tokens of bears and the Otyugh-variant, leaving 7 pages of content.

After a short introduction discussing the magical beast/aberration-controversy surrounding the otyugh, we are introduced to the new Northern Waste-template (CR +1), which adds some survival-abilities as well as icy touch and the ability to create mini-blizzards. I liked the template and, following the example of the first pdf, we get two versions of northern waste otyughs, one based on GOW and one on PFRPG-core, both of which clock in at CR 5.

Additionally, a sample tribe featuring Mok-Tak, a northern waste otyugh barbarian barbarian (CR 10), a otyugh druid (CR 9) and polar bear companions. The additional material does not stop there, though:

6 new spells appropriate for the oytughs are presented and they are quite cool, providing deadly options to create ambushes and become truly lethal predators of the icy north. For the rather...grimy, a new and aptly-written sorceror bloodline for the otyugh is provided along 5 deadly pestilence-centered bloodline spells.

Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice any glitches. Layout adheres to the 2-column standard and is rather printer-friendly. The artworks are neat for the low price and the new template is ok. The sample tribe was nice and the spells are mostly cool and come with information for APG-spell-lists, which is nice. The pdf comes with extensive bookmarks and the sorceror bloodline is among the finest I've seen in quite a while. When all's said and done, I did prefer this installment to the first one and consider it a bit superior, but I think it still has some room for improvement - some truly ingenious signature abilities would be nice. Thus, my final verdict will be 4 stars - a good buy for the very fair price.

Endzeitgeist out.

worth the price for the bloodline alone

****( )

Otyughnomicon: Northern Waste Otyugh by Purple Duck Games

This product is 8 pages long. It starts with a credits and intro. (1 page)

Northern Waste Otyugh (6 pages)
It starts with a new template called the Northern Waste Otyugh. Which is a snowy and frozen land version of the Otyugh. Next there is two stats for one, one for GoW setting by Purple Duck Games and one for Pathfinder. Following that it briefly talks about a tribe of them with two full stats on two unique stat blocks, including a polar bear animal companion. After that we get 6 new spells, followed by a Otyugh Sorcerer Bloodline and 6 new bloodline spells.

It ends with a page of tokens. (1 page)

*Note the OGL is in a separate PDF file.

Closing thoughts. The art work is black and white and solid, the only artwork is on the front page and tokens. Editing and layout where pretty good. The new Otyugh was pretty cool, it is really a template but they give you a stat block with the template applied. The tribe is ok. The sorcerer bloodline is cool and utterly disgusting at the same time. The 12 new spells I thought was a mixed bag. Some I thought where cool, some I thought was either two weak or strong for the level and a couple I was pretty meh about. About half deal with filth and disease, most of the rest about cold and ice, while a couple are more generic. So what's my rating? I am going to come down on a 4 for the price. It is worth the price and the template and bloodline alone are worth the price. The rest to me was just a bonus. Though I was a little disappointed with some of the spells, cool idea's but I didn't think all of them was as good as they could have been.

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