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Gaming Paper Adventures: Citadel of Pain (PFRPG)

****½ (based on 7 ratings)

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Beware the Mad Baron’s Legacy!

Welcome to Rogthandor, a massive and crumbling fortress history has dubbed the Citadel of Pain. Years ago, Baronet Dumond imprisoned his citizens in the citadel, using them as test subjects for his twisted experiments. Dumond’s ambition was to construct the ultimate torture device in the belief that by consuming the agony of others he could turn himself into a god.

This Gaming Paper Adventure Includes:

Citadel of Pain is a massive, 80-page adventure for 7th-level characters. Written by Louis Agresta and Rone Barton, with stunning artwork by Joel Biske and Aaron Anderson, this adventure is compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Gaming Paper Adventures: Mega-Dungeon 1.

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Product Reviews (7)
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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 7 ratings)

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Quality writing and games design, so so publishing quality

****( )

I write bullet point reviews, K.I.S.S. words to live by.

The Good-Despite being black and white I love the game tile maps.
-Story is sandbox style which for me is big plus.
-Excellent storytelling throughout great relationship tracker system one could well reuse.
-rewards for the adventure are really keen with interesting long term effects.
-Not a hack and slash dungeon one could negotiate with the majority of the "enemies" in the citidel which is more than refreshing

The Bad -Gnome presented is more Dragonlance than pathfinder, his machine is a little gonzo for some campaigns.

The Ugly -I'd seriously pay more to have this in color with a better binding.

Overall I love this dungeon will use this dungeon will reuse elements of this dungeon, and at will add flavor to my kingmaker campaign. Only loss here is quality of print, I'll pay more for better quality seriously.

Side treks for PFRPG

****( )

If you want to add a weird fantasy element in your Pathfinder Campaign, I highly recommend Gaming Paper's Citadel of Pain. There are some Lovecraftian elements in the module that can be either enhanced or diminished depending on your GMing style.

Weird machines that can say weird, creepy things to the characters. Mutant monsters, some of which remind me of John Carpenter's The Thing(one of the best sci-fi horror movies of all time- my opinion anyway). Citadel of Pain has a few weird, unconventional touches to it that as a GM you can really run with and have a blast doing it.

The module works great as a unique location for Kingmaker, or even better, Rise of the Runelords (RoR)! I think this would easily fit in RoR due to the dungeon's plethora of unique and creepy mechanisms. This could be used as a long lost base of operations of one of the Runelords of Thassilon!! Think about it! Instead of using the Eureka's Rib, use a runewell instead!
The Citadel can also be put in Kingmaker as an old installation created in a desperate effort to combat the effects of the Choking Death in Iobaria (read up on it Kingmaker #33). Or the dungeon could be used as part of flawed experiment of the mysterious Cyclops empire of Koloran.
Or..or! The dungeon could easily be placed in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path; a stronghold of the Whispering Way, or simply a haunted location of a mad alchemist. You could plop this dungeon anywhere in Ustalav, and place undead in the dungeon instead of the monsters!
Aye folks, the possibilities are virtually limitless.
As a useful dungeon location for Pathfinder, whether it be in your homebrew or in the Pathfinder setting itself, GM's can't go wrong with Citadel of Pain.

The reason why I rated it 4 out of 5 stars is due to a few editorial glitches, nothing that can't be fixed by any enterprising GM though.


****( )

A couple of minor spoilers follow. You have been warned.

In spite of the criticisms which follow I feel that this dungeon would be worthwhile for most people. I read the print version of the module.

Having read several reviews on this dungeon I fully expected to love it, and I did enjoy it for the most part. I really enjoyed the social interaction aspect of the dungeon, but admit that there were times when I found it hard to believe that many parties would pause long enough for negotiation to begin. All four of the major races trapped in the dungeon are traditionally Chaotic Evil, which makes it hard to place into the typical Pathfinder setting. However, if you play with more alignment grey zone then the social interaction is top notch and there are some very interesting encounters. The module could certainly be run as a generic hack fest, but that loses almost all of the flavor behind the module. Failing to keep my suspension of disbelief cost 1/2 star.

The introduction also cost 1/2 star. In my experience Magic tech is very setting specific and you either love it or you hate it. I tend not to like it. Entry into the dungeon is via a mechanized Bulette drilling machine. This almost immediately jolted me out of a feeling of world neutrality into the perception that there were presumptions behind the world that I did not like. With some work the module could be modified to remove the magic tech, but I do not like having such a key element of the adventure interfere with the world view. In order to run the module as is, I would have to significantly modify either the setting or how the characters get into the dungeon. Other than that this dungeon could be placed in almost any Pathfinder compatible world.

There were a few minor editing errors, but nothing major. Final assessment 4 stars.

Almost Perfect

****( )

Really impressed with this one. As some have gone far in depth on the review, I will just say that i am pleased with the originality of this one and i highly recommend this adventure to any GM's.

I really like the idea of making adventures that have maps fully fleshed out for the whole adventure, and this one not only gives us that, but a remarkable adventure on its own as well.

Now, as much as i liked this one, i do have some small problems with it that caused me to drop from 5 to 4 stars ...

To start with some of the room descriptions did not seem to match up with what i was seeing on the maps. Not sure if this was typos in the text or not, but was a bit confusing.

My other problem was that among all the player handouts, and there were a lot, there was no map to hand out to players. Would make sense within the story line that many people of Rogthandor would have at some point made maps of the known areas. Would be nice to have such a map to hand out to players, with all secret areas not marked on said map.

My Part


I was part of the kickstart for this project and have to admit i wish i could of done more :)
I started using the Maps and could not wait for the adventure to get to me.
I was and is a job well done

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