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Pathfinder Tales: Master of Devils

****( ) (based on 40 ratings)
Pathfinder Tales: Master of Devils
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Journey to the East

On a mysterious errand for the Pathfinder Society, Count Varian Jeggare and his hellspawn bodyguard Radovan journey to the distant land of Tian Xia, on the far side of the world. When disaster forces him to take shelter in a warrior monastery, "Brother" Jeggare finds himself competing with the disciples of Dragon Temple as he unravels a royal mystery. Meanwhile, Radovan—trapped in the body of a devil and held hostage by the legendary Quivering Palm attack—must serve a twisted master by defeating the land’s deadliest champions and learning the secret of slaying an immortal foe. Together with an unlikely army of beasts and spirits, the two companions must take the lead in an ancient conflict that will carry them through an exotic land, all the way to the Gates of Heaven and Hell and a final confrontation with the nefarious Master of Devils!

From fan-favorite author Dave Gross comes a new fantastical adventure set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

400-page mass market paperback
ISBN–13: 978-1-60125-357-6
ePub ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-358-3

Master of Devils is also available as a digital edition on the following sites:

Master of Devils is sanctioned for use in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Its Chronicle sheet and additional rules are a free download (229 KB zip/PDF).

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Tales Subscription.

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 40 ratings)

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builds to amazing crescendo


Another amazing installment in the Radovan and Count Jeggare body of work!


"I thought you knew these people?"
"I do. Thats why i dont trust them."

we are off the the eastern lands of Tien Xia, and a world of asian mysteries. Mr. Gross wonderfully writs in a way wher ethe characters points of view slowly are saturated with the culture, so things that they seem as odd or impossible (like ki powers, massive leaps, kung fu movie kind of stuff) seem bizarre at first, but as they are assimilated into the culture, their point-of-view stlye narratives begin to shift to it being par for the course - as usual one of Dave Gross' best attributes is his ability to allow the reader to see changes, patterns, and even flaws in the lead characters that they themselves cannot see.

and thats just my praise for the writing style. The plot and evocative setting is just wonderful. It starts out as a great fanciful yarn with an exotic locale, and begins to spin faster and faster as different plot threads build momentum into an inevitable grand collision - youll find yourself reading faster and faster the closer you get to the end! In many ways it reminds me of gabriel garcia marquez' 100 years of solitude with its ability to suck the reader in with an ever-quickening pace.

The 36 chambers of the shaolin!


This 2nd novel of Count Varian Jeggare and Radovan Virholt is great again, even better than the first one - because it adds a 3rd hero - the dog Arnisant!

So far the only novel to take place in Tian Xia (asia), Dave Gross captures the mood perfectly and there are great homages to martial arts movies.

The things the characters do are not possible with the Pathfinder rules so far - this is later changed (Inner Sea Magic/Riffle scrolls) and explained (King of Chaos/Count Jeggares spellcasting and Radovans transformation) - but i am still waiting for the double quivering palm attack rules. ;-)

Arni can´t talk anymore. ;-)
Just kidding - nothing ugly here.

**( )( )( )

Power level is way off (somehow Radovan becomes a 15th level monk and Varian Jeggare becomes a magus?)



Probably my favorite of the Radovan and Jeggare stories - epic wushu adventures in the Far East! Politcal Drama! Martial Arts action! An entire side story about a heroic dog (best part!)

If you like fantasy novels and kung fu movies, this is the book for you.

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