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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Playtest Pack 02: Friend or Foe #1 (PFRPG) PDF

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Our second Playtest Pack for The Nymian Beastlands Campaign Setting, this material includes a segment of our critter colony, the wonderful entries for our Omarkan Ecologies. Seraphim angels, crazed by divine sovereignty, make their mark with other outsiders such as the Jackal Warrior Anubisian, and the Kami—Spirit Beings of majestic natural power; the Kami of the Sacred Gate and Kami of the Temperate Woods. The fey known as selkies, and a new monstrous race of merfolk, the Octimerrae, make the waters dangerous to travel. The Sedim, intelligent magical beasts capable of extraplanar travel, round up the roster—however, new equipment such as the harpoon and khopesh are included, as well as deity information for Anubis (Pharaonic Pantheon).

Like our other digital documents, there is a full-color and print-friendly version of the material, and there is also a PDF portfolio of Feedback Forms, and examples of each of them filled out by our helpful friends, Joe and Mary.

Heed the Call of the Beastlands, and help us Playtest our stuff (help us break our new toys)!

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