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The Third Imperium: Galactic Distractions (Traveller)

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The crowd cheers when the first blow is struck in the one hundred and seventy-second Tobian Conteste Ex Martial, the local favourite drawing first blood against a foreign underdog. Hundreds of thousands roar to the rafters when the Aslan strikes back, millions watch on broadcast comms around the planet, and billions of Credits hang in the balance.

Tobia, one of the crown jewels of the Trojan Reaches, hosted these sporting events seasonally and the people always seemed to enjoy it - but the bookies and gamblers...they loved them. For weeks before one of the Conteste Ex Martials were to be held, the cities of Tobia were a tremendous and exciting place to be for fighters and fight-fans from all over the Reaches. Fighters like Dushaneyl, the 'Destroyer from Monteigh', are held up like gods amongst mere mortals; making rumours of scandal and cheating surrounding him to be synonymous with downright heresy.

Galactic Distractions is a scenario arc set in the Third Imperium that places the characters on a path that begins with unbelievable fortune and luck that makes them some of the most envied people on the planet. The path will take them many places; from inside the spotlight of the largest night club of the Tobia scene to a blood-slick abattoir filled with intergalactic mobsters. What the characters do with their new-found connections, whether they choose fame or infamy, will set the stage for the events this scenario contains. Perhaps the characters will survive unchanged by the corruption around them, or perhaps they will be swept up into the maelstrom of controversy, crime and tragedy.

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