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Untold: Splintered Serenity—Hostile Hand: GM's Minions PDF

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Get into Battle with this minion pack! This Minion pack is part of the Untold Starter Set, but is now available separately if you don't want to buy the whole Set. This nest of nasties is everything a GM needs to throw some new monsters at their players. It is also a great deck for a player to learn Untold with. If you don't have to have a regular playing group, just a friend and a couple hours. With Untold Battle and the included encounter, you can be ready to play in minutes.

Untold Battle is a fast-paced, exciting way for players to duke it out with custom built creatures and parties. Showcasing the many Battle Factions of the Untold universe, Untold Battle was created for two players to choose two opposing factions and fight with tooth, bullet, tentacle and spell until only one side remains. But Battle players are not limited—they can use all of the Untold cards to change and make their units unique, or even create their own character, just as if they were going to play the roleplaying game because the rules are the same. And Battle doesn't need to be two sided, the rules work for one-on-one, one-on-many, or many-on-many. Untold Battle Rules provide a brutal, bloody, and hard-hitting game that packs a punch!

Untold offers limitless possibilities for worlds and adventures. And on every world there are nations, corporations, shadow organizations, alien marauders, and so forth; we collectively call these Factions. We've built all the unique creatures, minions, soldiers, and things that go bump in the night and put them together in Battle Faction packs, so you can pick your favorites or mix and match to do Battle. Untold Battle offers an arena for all the forces of your imagination to duke it out. Now you can pit zombies against soldiers, or tentacled demons against steam punk robots. Or you can help shape the destiny of one of the Untold worlds: will the brave forces of the North American Union overcome the twisted Flux Horrors? Or you can help reshape the face of Europe as the Churl Confederation advances on the new knights of Novus Europa!

Untold Battle utilizes Untold Minion Cards because they are quick to use. Minions are one card, instead of a number of cards, that represent a single character, and that is important when your Battle has a large number of forces. And Minions still offer the limitless customization of Untold Powers through Swapping.

Once players choose their Factions and/or characters, Battle is as simple as lining up the cards on the table across from each other and taking turns between their minions. Battle utilizes Untold's simple and quick combat mechanics (see our Online Primer for more, or just refer to back of the handy insert that comes with every Battle Faction pack), and all the rules you need for the minions are on the cards!

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