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Battle! Studio Paper Minis: Dwarven Adventurers PDF

***** (based on 4 ratings)

Our Price: $1.49

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You may have reams of paper monsters to menace your fantasy world, but where are the heroes?

Battle! Studio Paper Minis: Dwarven Adventurers is a collection of 20 easy-to-build paper gaming miniatures, featuring a variety of dwarven heroes! Buyers need not fear for any lack of hammers, axes, or beards, but there are also a number of unique and colorful characters to inspire players and game masters alike with new ideas.

Each paper mini comes in two different color variations, as well as a line-art only version, so that you can color them yourself if you so desire. Provided as a high quality 300dpi PDF and scaled at the 1 inch to 5 feet scale used by the world’s most popular fantasy role playing games, they are drawn with just enough detail that all the elements of their design are visible, even when printed and standing an inch high.

As a player, you can use them as you would a sculpted miniature, finding one that best represents your character and coloring it to match—or you could peruse the minis and find one you like, using it as inspiration for a new character. As a GM, you instantly have a large cast of visually unique NPCs that your players will recognize on sight—even if they don’t remember their names! For more fun, you can assign miniatures to your players randomly and have them build characters around whichever ones they end up with!

At about 7 cents a mini, this is a value you should be physically incapable of missing out on! Download your copy today!

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 4 ratings)

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Great work!


These minis are great. I recently went on a (limited) spending spree, buying all sorts of paper miniature-type PDFs (these, Disposable Heroes, Figure Flats, Avalon). After looking through the files for minis matching the PCs in my campaign, the ones that came closest were all from Battle! Studio's two PDFs (although it helped that the current characters are all dwarven or human, plus one female half-orc which I used a human figure for). The other files were all fairly generic, but since these are focused on a single race it gives more room for different and sometimes oddball examples (like the dwarf druid). Now I'm just waiting for the rest of the races to be done!


****( )

I am not a fan of dwarves, but that not the problem of the person who drew this. I like the simple cartoon design. They stand out well, with a lot of nice details. I am looking forward to using these.

Dwarves Dwarves Dwarves and they look good!


Well, the Dwarves are here and they are awesome! Traditional Warrior Dwarves! Dwarf priests. Dwarf mages! Dwarf females.

Again, Tim's characters have character! Dwarven female with power glove and steampunk goggles! AWESOME!

I'll be honest, I'm not much of a Dwarf person, but these ones make me think twice about that. I'm already looking at ideas for MPCs based just on the designs.

And of course, you get two different color schemes and the B&W to color on your own, so you get to do some nice additional sets. (I'm tempted to try coloring one whole set with the same color scheme just to make a small Dwarven army...)

Well worth the price! Even if you don't normally use many dwarves (like me) these designs will be giving you ideas...

Great price...good miniatures.


How can you go wrong? 20 miniatures for a buck and a half! Some cool and some odd, looking at you beatnick bard..ok game stats are already rolling around in my head for that one. There are 4 female and two that could be (no beard but look more male). So not bad if your looking for a female Dwarf (I was). I liked it enough that I picked up the Humans pack and am now waiting for his next pack. Gift Certificates
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