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Fantastic Maps: Pirate Ship PDF

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Hard a'starboard and cram on full sail! Chase down those scurvy dogs and send them to a watery grave.

Jonathan Roberts, cartographer for Kobold Quarterly, Sunken Empires, and Adventures in the Hyborian Age, presents another Fantastic Map: Pirate Ship!

These two multi-page PDFs allow you to print out maps of a 178' three masted square rigger and a 35' pinnace. Adventurers can use the pinnace to sneak up and board the pirate flagship, or perhaps they are part of the same fleet, investigating horrors that come from the deep...

The map pack contains:

  • multi-page pdf scaled to print at 1 inch=1square, in both letter format and A4 with full colour and printer friendly greyscale.
  • High resolution jpgs of the ships for home printing and for use in virtual tabletops (VTTs)—with and without grids.
  • pngs of the two ships with semi-transparent rigging, so that they can be used in mobile ship combat within a VTT.
  • Ballista and ladder pngs to kit out your tall ship with the paraphernalia of war.
  • Maptool map files that can easily be imported into any campaign with vision set up, for quick use in any OGL, 4E or Pathfinder game. The files require maptool 1.3.b84 or newer to work.

And if the worst should (inevitably) happen—the square rigged tall ship is can also be found in this map pack...wrecked on the floor of the briny deep.

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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A great installment with a lot of surrounding water

****( )

This installment of Jonathan Robert’s fantastic maps series comes as a 59-page-pdf, 1 page front cover, 1 page how-to use.

The 1-page overview of the ship offers us a pirate ship with 12 scorpions/ballistae and 3 masts and after that, the blown-up version for use with miniatures spanning 28 pages comes as both full-color and b/w. The map itself is a stunning beauty to behold, as I’ve come to expect of Jonathan Robert’s work and features grids.

It should be noted that the support does not end here: In tradition with the extra-mile-mentality of the series, we get full maptool support as well as additional A4-versions of the maps, helping those poor Europeans like yours truly enjoy the map. Be sure to download the zip as well, as we get an additional bonus pdf: A 7 page pdf (again with 1 page front cover and a page explaining how-to use the map) of a pinnace, again featuring an overview and blown-up versions of the map including grids. The pinnace also comes with a full-color and b/w version and in both US-Letterpack and A4-formats.

Even better, though, the pdf comes with high-res jpegs of the ships and even 4 png-objects: A ladder, ballista and 2 versions of the ships further enhance the value you get out of this map-pack.

The map-pack is extensively bookmarked (all of the pdfs!) and the maps are absolutely beautiful – the sea especially rocks. The pinnace is a great bonus. However, loath as I am to nag at such a great map-pack, there are some minor problems I can see with this one: There is a lot of sea surrounding the ship and while I really like the look of it, it is an unnecessary drain on the printer and one tile/page of sea that could be used to expand left and right of the ship would have been nice. The ship-graveyard of the same line is a bit better in that regard. I really liked the additional ballista/ladder pngs, but a cannon for the black-powder advocates out there would have been even better. When all’s aid and done, you get a great ship and a lot of nice additional material for your money, but due to the minor inconvenience of the amount of sea surrounding the sip, I’ll settle for a final verdict of 4.5 stars, rounded down to 4 stars for the purpose of this platform.

Endzeitgeist out. Gift Certificates
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