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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Carrion Crown Poster Map Folio

***( )( ) (based on 7 ratings)
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Carrion Crown Poster Map Folio

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Trail of Terror

Stand against the denizens of the night in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. In battles against dreaded vampire lords, brutal werewolves, and abominations from beyond space and time, you’ll scour the breadth of the mysterious realm of Ustalav. The Carrion Crown Poster Map Folio is your lantern in the dreadful dark, charting your course through the entire campaign.

Within this map folio, you’ll find a huge 8-panel poster map of the country of Ustalav, along with four 4-panel poster maps of the gothic cities of Ardis, Caliphas, Karcau, and Lepidstadt, all major locations in Ustalav, the setting for the terrors of the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. Even if you aren’t running the Carrion Crown Adventure Path, the maps inside can serve as the sinister surroundings for all manner of mysteries, murders, and macabre machinations in any RPG campaign. The shadows of Ustalav gather—dare you gaze within?

Cartography by Rob Lazzaretti

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-306-4

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Carrion Crown Poster Map Folio

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Product Reviews (7)
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Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 7 ratings)

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Really beautiful maps!


The big map of Ustalav is gorgeous and something you´d find in an "in-world" map-collection.
This alone is well worth the price.
The 4 other maps show the 4 largest cities of Ustalav population-wise, which are also the capitals of four counties.
These are really evocative and diverse gothic maps with no spoilers on them, so you can place them on the table for the players to see.

No street names. Two of these maps don't appear in the AP.


You will need Rule of Fear to fully use this and flesh it out.

Beautiful, but lacking

***( )( )

Wrote a longer review and the boards glitched me.

The short: These maps look like blown up, unlabeled versions of the maps found in The Trial of the Beast and Ashes at Dawn. The other two towns don't even matter to the campaign. Those maps should have been Ravengro/Harrowstone and Illmarsh as those adventures spend a decent amount of time in the area. And labeled. Labeled! LABELED!!!!

The map of Ustalav on the other hand isn't too bad. I'll be laminating it and putting it up on the wall to track out progress and side quests.

Extremely disappointing

*( )( )( )( )

So here I am getting ready to begin a Carrion Crown campaign, but the maps inside are way too small to be used effectively at the game table. Can't blow them up without either losing quality doing it myself, or paying more than I want to to have someone else do it, provided you don't run into "copyright" issues. Then I find there is a map folio you can get for the series, and think this is great...until I get the folio. Instead of getting playable dungeon maps I can lay out on the table, I get bird's eye views of the various cities that don't even have residences and businesses noted. What a waste of time and money this turned out to be! I'm an old-school gamer, and I remember adventure modules with separate handout sheets you could actually copy and hand out, as well as maps you could lay out on the table and place figures where you needed them. Does anybody even still do that anymore? What was the point of the map folio anyways? They serve no real practical purpose for my campaign. I would have been better off buying a battle mat since apparently I'm still going to need one.

Good but not great

****( )

Not impressed

**( )( )( )

I was not impressed with this map folio for one BIG reason...there were maps left out! It would have been nice to have nice player maps of all the towns in the AP. I waited to start running this just so I could have the player map of Ravengro and I was disappointed to not see it. I expected more from Paizo.

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