The Campaign Book, Volume I: Fantasy

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And not just one campaign, but six!

Each of the campaigns details a unique setting, important NPCs, and a complete storyline with outlines of at least a half-dozen adventures. Each of the campaign settings builds the story to a climatic [sic] finale, but that doesn't mean the campaign is over. Each of the settings is rich enough to allow for many future stories.

Enter Astria, Realm of Faerie and help a prince regain his throne. An entire race that exists only in the minds of the Dreamers is being threatened by a powerful extradimensional sorceress. As ambassadors to a new land, you are outraged to find your people's most hated enemies already negotiating with the newly discovered culture. As faithful servants of the Emperor, it is your duty to root out treachery and treason wherever you find it. Word of revolt is spreading through the Empire ... An angry Merqueen is destroying the shipping trade that your homeland depends upon. A mysterious and powerful spirit has chosen you to act on its behalf in a war-torn world.

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Did the ever continue this?

Is there a scifi book?


Not that I'm seeing, unfortunately.

Liz Courts wrote:
Not that I'm seeing, unfortunately.

:[ sad robot

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