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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Rolemaster & Spacemaster: Outlaw

Our Price: $18.00


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Clint and Logan Walker looked about them. The barroom was filled with men, all of them after the price wrongfully placed on the brothers heads.

Clint drew his six-shooters with blinding speed and fired wildly. Logan, seeing their way out blocked, grabbed the nearest scoundrel and pitched him through the huge plate-glass window. The air was thick with bullets as the brothers dove through the new exit, Clint's guns still blazing.

" Nice job, little brother, " Clint shouted, gesturing with one gun while firing off a last bullet with the other, "but we still need to worry about... that!" Logan looked as the two ran for their horses. A wagon swerved around the corner, loaded down with what the young gunslinger knew to be a gatling gun!.

Maybe, just maybe, the two could outrun these bounty hunters. But how could they save their town from evil Lyle Clemins, the man who was about to drive dozens of honest homesteaders from their land... the man who had framed them for murder? Outlaw is the Western sourcebook for the Rolemasteri and Space Master' systems, providing enough information to run Western adventures in either the historical or fictional Wild West. From lassoing a wild stallion to sliding a low-down cowpoke down the bar and through the window, its all here.

Use Outlaw as a supplement for your existing Rolemaster or Space Master game, or start your own Western campaign.

Guidelines and optional rules for Western-style maneuvers and combat. A Western sourcebook containing a timeline, general information, and descriptions for Western equipment and weapons. A complete campaingn setting based on the Western town of Deadwood, dakota Territory. Two complete scenarios, numerous adventure ideas, and advice for running your own Western campaigns. Dozens of Western NPCs, including famous historical figures like Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, Butch Cassidy and Billy the Kid. Layouts and descriptions for Western towns, the OK Corral, an 1800s train, a bar, and other Western locations.

Note: Outlaw is not a complete role playing game. Ownership of Rolemaster or Space Master is required.


Outlaw contains much of the same formation found in Western Hero. If you have Western Hero, we suggest you do not purchase Outlaw.

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