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In the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, every time a character takes a level in a favored class, he or she gains a bonus. Under the core rules, that bonus is either an additional skill point or an extra hit point. However, the Advanced Player’s Guide introduced a new set of racial favored class options. Members of specific races can get these benefits when they gain a level in a class that is listed as a favored class for their race. These rules are extremely interesting in that they add a new way to differentiate between characters, creating even more potential points of difference between two characters who take the same race and class combination. The options given in the Advanced Player’s Guide help make some iconic choices more interesting, since each race (other than human) is given favored class options for only a few classes.

A GM who wants to make different regions or organizations unique could also take the new “racial” options and instead link them to a specific kingdom, knightly order, or school. Doing so is a simple and effective way to help show the differences between the crofter-folk of the Misty Plains and the battle-hardened fighting tribes of the Frostweald, regardless of what races make up those societies. Of course such uses might result in needing a good set of favored class options for dwarf alchemists, elf gunslingers, and halfling barbarians.

To help GMs have more tools to make campaigns flavorful, and to support players with a taste for unusual class/race combinations, the Genius Guide to Expanded Favored Class Options fills in the “missing” class/race combinations, so every race has a favored class option for every class (including new classes, such as the magus, gunslinger, ninja, and samurai). We also added a few more universal favored class options (available to any character) and a few racial options available regardless of class (listed under each race as “any”).

The original favored class options from the Advanced Players Guide are included in the lists below, each marked with an asterisk (“*”). Our hope is to make this a complete, convenient resource that allows readers to easily tell what options come from “official” products.

Because we want to support fans who use base classes from other products produced by Super Genius Games, this PDF also adds racial favored class options for all the Super Genius classes currently available. Some of this material overlaps with a free PDF we released several months ago, but is again included here for completeness.

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A nice pickup if you want more favored class options.

****( )

Expanded Favored Class Options by Super Genius Games

This product is 13 pages long. It starts with a cover and forward. (2 pages)

Universal Favored Class options (3 pages)
This section lists all the universal open to all races favored class options. They are, hit points, skill, language, bonus to aid another AC, reduce AC penalty from a charge, add a bonus to feint, and some about penalties in tight spaces. Next we get to the races.
Dwarves – they get two general ones that any dwarf can take and then each class gets one, including the new classes all the way up to and including Ultimate Combat and SGG's own classes they have made. For a total of 40 class options and 2 general ones.
Elves – Elves get the same treatment.
Gnomes – same as dwarves.
Half-Elf – Same as dwarves
Half-Orc – Same as dwarves but gain 3 general racial ones instead of 2.
Halflings – Same as dwarves.
Humans – same as dwarves but they only gain one general one.

It ends with a OGL and credits. (1 pages)

Closing thoughts. The art work is black and white Elmore art so nuff said their. Editing and layout was pretty good. I did notice a couple of mistake, mostly it looked like C&P errors when two abilities where similar. For example in the Elf one for wizards it says sorcerer in one part, under the sorcerer ability it uses the same text as well. Most of the abilities capture a part of the race or something you can image for the race. They do get into factional accounting. Like might need 3 levels before you see a bonus type stuff. Which makes sense and really opens the door up to allow for a variety of abilities. But it also adds to the book keeping.

A few of the abilities are the same for one than one race. Not a lot but a few. All and all if you are looking for new favored class options then I would recommend picking this up. Most of the abilities I liked, a few was very good, but there was a few I was meh about too. So what's my rating? Well with what I just said and the editing errors, I am going to settle on a 4. I nearly gave it a 3.5 but I fully expect the editing errors to be fixed soon.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.