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Demonheart (OGL)

***** (based on 1 rating)

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The Lost Necromancer Books: Ready to print but never printed! This is one of the 3 books that never made the trip back from China... available for the first time.

Darkness in the Heart of the Forest
Generations ago, a fearful battle between raged in the depths of the Westwood. An entire tribe of forest elves gave up its very existence to turn back the rising tide of evil. Despite their noble sacrifice, a fragment of evil remained, and has now begun to awaken, drawing allies both old and new and transforming the Westwood into a place of fear and darkness.

Ancient Wrongs to be Righted
Today, the past lies forgotten and a settlement of innocent humans has sprung up near the old battleground. Little do the inhabitants of Tanner's Green suspect that a remnant of the old enemy has returned, and that its followers plot their downfall. Creatures of unspeakable evil lurk in the dark shadows of the forest, and only a small band of adventurers can find and stop them before the enemy rises once more.

Demonheart is mini-campaign for 3-5 player characters, beginning at levels 6-8 and rising to levels 10-12, with adventures that range from intrigue in the town of Tanner's Green to a life-or-death contest in the court of the king of the dark fey, all leading to a final confrontation with the ancient enemy.

Terror grows with each beat of the Demonheart. Can the adventurers stop it in time?

For use with 3.5 rules

Page Count: 98
Author: Anthony Pryor

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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A nice adventure


Demonheart by Frog God Games

This product is 98 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and ToC. (3 pages)

Introduction (4 pages)
It starts with a short intro followed by the adventure background and then closes with a overview of the adventure broken up into it's ten parts.

Chapter 1 – The Village and the Forest (9 pages)
It starts with a few examples of ways to get PC's involved, a bit of information about what is over all going on and finally it gives a over view of the village including a map. There is also several sidebars of information about incidents that can take place while PC's are in the village.

Chapter 2 – Something is Stirring (7 pages)
It has a NPC getting the PC's involved in the main plot, 3 encounters, a random encounter table and a aftermath section.

Chapter 3 – The Devil Tree (10 pages)
This chapter is all about a mini dungeon crawl the PC's are likely to want to investigate at this point in the adventure.

Chapter 4 – Court of Corruption (9 pages)
I loved this section of the adventure I can't say much about it with out spoiling things. But there is games, social events, maybe romance awaiting the PC's in this section. Plus a few encounters. I thought this section was very well done and very interesting.

Chapter 5 – The Lost Hunters (4 pages)
This is a short mini dungeon crawl section.

Chapter 6 – A Plague of Secrets (3 pages)
There is a murder mystery going on in the village that the PC's will almost certainly wish to solve.

Chapter 7 – Spawn of Darkness (5 pages)
A NPC ask the PC's for help again which likely leads to a series of encounters and discovering more about what is going on.

Chapter 8 – In the Ranks of Death (7 pages)
This is the third mini dungeon crawl in this adventure. By this point they should know what is going on and go seeking a way to stop events.

Chapter 9 – The Resurrection (6 pages)
This chapter has two major events going on at the same time. Both need the PC's help. The PC's can choose to go with one or the other but with consequences of doing so. Or they can apt to split up and take on both tasks at once. If they opt to do the later there is enough NPC's involved that players with out PC's in each section can play a NPC and still take part in the fun. This is a ambitious and possible very fun chapter but also because the best course is to split the party may be a problem for some groups.

Chapter 10 – Heart of Darkness (3 pages)
Here the party if it split in two reunite and go to face the final villain of the adventure.

Appendix 1 – NPC's (16 pages)
In this section it has all the NPC's full stated out and broken up by chapter to make it easier to find them.

Appendix 2 – Monster Index (10 pages)
This section has all the stat blocks for all the monsters in the adventure.

It ends with a OGL and back cover. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts. While this adventure is plot based it is fairly sandboxy as well. The events are likely to go in order but they don't have to go in order. So it is a nice mix of plot driven adventure and sandbox style adventure. The artwork is black and white with a very old school 1st edition DnD look to it.

I liked the adventure, it is a very nice mix of plot based, sand box, dungeon crawl, social etc style adventure. A little something for everyone. I did mention my one concern with chapter 9. While I like the idea of splitting the party and it makes sense I could see some groups having trouble with it. Luckily with the NPC's present for player to play it makes it a lot easier to do.

I have the print version of the book so I have no idea how the bookmarks etc is for the PDF. I will not one thing I found kinda odd. The cover art, while it looks fine it has camels on it and looks like it is in the desert but the adventure takes place in a forest. I just found that a bit odd. There was a couple of things I thought could have been better. The section on the murder mystery is a bit light and could have used some more advice on how to run it. So my final rating a 4.5 star. Good adventure with a few minor issues. Gift Certificates
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