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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Races of Splintered Serenity: High-Bred (M&M Superlink) PDF

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A new era for Mutants and Masterminds (3e) and Untold begins here!

In the shattered reality that is Splintered Serenity, the Apoc High-Bred are the last bastions of human society. Genetically engineered humans, their ancestors were long ago blessed with traits and powers that made them much more than human. When the world-shattering Event occurred, this blessing became the only thing that kept them alive. Now, only the Apoc—of all humankind—survive in the blasted, post-apocalyptic world of Post-Event Earth. The High-Bred are the only ones who even try and maintain a measure of order and civilization. Only through their dogged determination, their uniquely crafted gear and their genetic superpowers are they able to make a stand against the ravages of a world gone to hell.

  • Apoc High-bred M&M3e template
  • Setting and Background information on High-bred Society, Relations, Adventurers, Nations, and Applicable Skills
  • Ten new High-bred M&M3e Powers
  • Six new High-bred M&M3e Martial Arts Powers
  • Nine new High-bred M&M3e Weapons and Equipment
  • statistics and rules (includes Melee, Ranged, Explosive Weapons and Armor)
  • Setting and Background information on the Splintered Serenity Untold setting, as well as rules and tips on conversion to M&M3e
  • Four exclusive and new Untold Transverse Power Cards – never before seen anywhere!
  • Special discount code redeemable at the Untold Store:
  • Brimming with beautiful, full-color art

Transverse Cards?
Transverse cards are an entire new series of cards that you'll find in our new Setting Conversion products. You'll be seeing more products coming out soon, and not just for a single game either. You'll be seeing conversions for Mutants & Masterminds 3e, Strands of Fate, Savage Worlds, and Pathfinder too!

In each PDF, we're creating brand new Untold Powers that "connect" one setting to another - making them part of the "Transverse" that is emerging in Untold. Initially, you won't find these new Untold Powers anywhere else, so if ya want them, ya need to nab these PDFs!

Written By Nathan Ellsworth with Brannon Hollingsworth.

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