Ars Magica: Mistridge

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Mistridge provides all the information you need to be a storyguide or player in the Mistridge Covenant setting. This book also offers extensive detail on Mythic Europe's Val du Bosque, and allows players the opportunity to create their own characters, or to assume the roles of vastly powerful wizards who have lorded over the covenant for centuries. This book is your means to a fabulous Ars Magica saga!

Author: Kevin Hassal

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***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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pdf is somewhat disappointing

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I recently bought the pdf, owning the print edition since it was in print. While the text is clear and selectable, the artwork is so badly scanned to be partly undiscernable, and the gorgeous full-color map in the middle of the book is reproduced in b/w only, which was a disappointment. So while the fuctionality to be expected in a pdf is there, the overall quality leaves much to be desired. Thus, only three stars for the pdf.

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