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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

For Love of Mother, Not

Our Price: $8.95


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A kid's best friend is . . . an alien pet?

You're an orphan from the streets of Drallar, the capital of a trading world in the star-spanning Humanx Confederacy. Even though your guardian, "Mother" Mastiff, takes good care of you, you've been lonely all your life - that is, until you found an unusual pet in the alley behind your home.

It could be a flying snake . . .

Or a green-furred, long-eared mammal . . .

Or a tentacled, walking mushroom . . .

And your pet - and the new-found psionic abilities he unlocks within you - may be the only things that can help you discover who kidnapped Mother Mastiff!

For Love of Mother-Not is a solo adventure for GURPS. It's based on the novel of the same name by Alan Dean Foster, and contains:

A 634-entry solo adventure for Flinx (the hero of the novel), Maliena (an alternate protagonist), or a character of your own design. With three possible pets, four possible guardians, and many possible adventure paths, you can play For Love of Mother-Not over and over and never have the same adventure twice - or you can recreate the adventures of Flinx and Pip from the novel. Character stats for Flinx, Maliena and important NPCs. Additional, optional rules for using psionics in the Commonwealth, and a new psi skill. Instructions for how to play solo.

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