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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Role Aids: Demons—Denizens of Verekna (AD&D 1e)

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"...out of the mists rose a bloated, hovering eye with tentacle ganglia clutching dozens of knives with jagged blades. Floating like an airborne jellyfish, it gazed dead ahead with its single lidless orb and as it approached I saw myself reflected in the slick surface..."


DENIZENS OF VEREKNA contains a monster folio with more than 50 loose-leaf pages of new monsters from the demi-plane of Verekna including complete entries for the Marshals, Governors and Generals of the Prince of Deception and a summary of the various Thanes and Lieutenants who serve them.

In addition to a veritable rogues gallery of demon lords, DENIZENS OF VEREKNA features the Grey Grimoire, a compilation of special spells employed by the most powerful wizards of the Infernus. These magicks can be used in conjunction with all of the products in the DEMONS line, making infernal sorcery a force to reckon with and the creatures who use it more dangerous than ever before.

DENIZENS OF VEREKNA expands on the material presented in the DEMONS sourcepack but can also be used as a stand alone supplement for any campaign.

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